Some thoughts from Zambia

I also believe that there isn't anything wrong with rich Travellers visiting poor Hosts. We can't afford to travel ourselves so these Travellers give us a chance to meet and learn about other people from other countries and continents. Last year we had a couple who came from America to work here at Kaleya Smallholders as volunteers for three months. The husband was a retired mechanic, the wife was a retired nurse. The husband was attached to the workshop and the wife to the Clinic where I work.  A week before their departure, the wife told me, "You know, Annie, people out there have a wrong picture of Africa. When we told our friends we were coming to Africa, they told us we were out of our minds. They asked why we should come to Africa of all places. They said Africa is full of diseases and the food is not good and not nutritious. So when I go back I will tell them what I have seen. There are big supermarkets where one can buy good and nutritious foods, and that you have a programme of immunisation against preventable diseases. She said she was going to tell them that Africa isn't as dark as they think it is.

So I think these Travellers who visit us must be commended because they have the interests of people at heart. If they didn't, they would not have travelled in the first place. If they were only interested in the lakes and animals of Africa, they wouldn't come to our homes. They could stay in a hotel where they can expect at least good food, though perhaps not up to their standards, and go to see the wonders of Africa and go back home. These Travellers are interested in us coz despite these stories, they come, willing to share our poor quality foods and learn about us and give us a chance to learn about them ... surely nothing is wrong with this.

Hosting travellers contributes to world peace in that a circle of friends is made. Where there is friendship, love is born and where love is, there is peace. I believe we have a lot of tribal wars in Africa coz people of other tribes are looked upon as enemies and these wars will only end when we all extend hands of friendship to people of different tribes.

Annie Kunda