10 OCTOBER 1999




Every Servas member who is interested to join this event is invited
to contact some of his /her nearest Servas neighbours
to have a drink, a BYO ( Bring your Own) lunch or dinner.

It could be nice to invite also one or two non Servas members to this party
It will bring the Servas family and its friends all over the world closer one day


El proposito es promover reuniones individuales de Servas en cada pais, para dar la
oportunidad a la mayoria de miembros de Servas para celebrar el 50 Aniversario que
se cumple este ano 1999.
La idea es que se hagan pequenas reuniones en este para comer o tomar algo
(BYO= bring your own). Seria interesante invitar viajeros se Servas que esten en el
pais y persona ajenas a Servas que puedan estar interesadas en involucrarse, para
poder incrementar nuestra lista de anfiatriones.

It is also possible to organise large meetings on this great day

- Askov Folk High School in Denmark
This is the place where the Servas program was born in 1949. Bob Luitweiler, the founding father, writes about it in Seeds of Servas.
A Danish group of organisers is at work to make it a world meeting from 11th to 17th July 1999 for the 50th Anniversary.
You are all invited to contribute to the program with your ideas (e.g. it is still possible to offer workshops).

-In Botswana we have decided to have a get together at our National Secretary's residence in order to comfort her as she has been ailing for quite some time.
Adelaide Kgosidintsi (Ms)
- Servas DOWNUNDER There will be SERVAS gatherings in Canberra, Perth and various other places on 10 October. I will be travelling from Sydney to Dubbo (400 km)and will call on all SERVAS hosts along the way (the ones that are home!)
Have a great SERVAS International Day everyone. Grahame Keast (Australian Servas President)
- Servas France will have a large brunch party in Paris with a big birthday cake

- Servas Germany We have organized a hike and dinner in a restaurant with local hosts inthe Rhine-main Area for next Sunday. Let`s hope the weather does play along with our plans. Margret Klaeser
- Servas Hungary will have its celebration on 9 Oct (Saturday), 3PM in Budapest at Vista Coffee (Budapest VI. Paulay E u. 9).
Although the program will be held mainly in Hungarian but more than 100 members are expected to come, so it will be a great opportunity to meet - should any traveller be in Hungary that time.
Wishing you nice celebrations everywhere.Peter Spanyi, Servas Hungary
- Servas India have organised one week walk covering 200 kilometers and the participants will spread the message of peace, love and brotherhood. The march has started on the 2nd of October which is Mahatma Gandi's birthday and will finish on the 10th.
It is also celebrated in a remote interior village in the south of India named Thirukkuvalai (Tamil Nadu state), where a group of social workers, Servas members, are active.
- Servas Ireland are holding a 50th anniversary party on October 9th - all hosts and travellers welcome. Venue - home of Sean O'Fearghail & Gwyn Grace (hosts 20/99) -Servas Israel is celebrating the fifty years anniversary of Servas, in small groups around the country, over coffee and cake
-Servas Malawi Yes we are preparing here a big pancake and swim-water aerobics party to celebrate - so if you are in the vicinity to drop by for Servas Malawi's celebration. Lewis/Benbow house on St Andrew's International School campus starting at 1pm and running throughout the day. Demelza LEWIS
- Servas Pakistan is organising a large meeting in Lahore where everyone is invited.
- Piemonte (Italy) Servas will meet on Sunday 10/10/1999 at Volpiano (Torino) from 10 a.m./5 p.m.
- Servas Réunion is planning a hiking in the interior (by Myriam) of the island as well as a picnic in the lagoon (by Christiane) for diving amateurs and children.
- Servas South Africa will be having a supper party in Cape Town and the other centres will have get togethers.
-Servas South East Asia will have on 9 - 10th October its area meeting in Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia)
- Servas South America will have a large together in Uruguay on 9 - 10 October
- Servas Tokyo plan to have a large celebration party in a house of a 2nd generation Servas member (his parents were already Servas members)
- Servas Zambia will organise meetings in Livingstone and Lusaka on this date
- Many other meetings are planned all over the world ( Germany, New Zealand, Nepal, Belgium, Netherlands, Samoa, Morroco, Britain, USA, and many other countries ......sorry not to mention all of them)

Send us details of your celebrations for this page.

From Servas New Zealand

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