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Pretty simple....really. In the last few years it seems I have become ‘addicted’ to travel. Not that I was ever that able to act out the standard working lifestyle, complimented with an annual local jaunt or two. In fact, as a long time teacher I really have had a greater than normal opportunity to travel, it is just that since I have been settled here in Australia, I have been able to exercise the wanderlust more effectively. Also, I must also admit to being a motorcycle addict, and many of my travels have thus been to “try out” a new motorcycle, in a new country. So, for the past few months I have used a lot of my spare time here, at home, hunched over my computer using the internet to do research on a trip around Africa. By searching for and following up the contacts this medium provides, I have been able to arrange the purchase of a 1979 Honda GL 500 from a very friendly local in Joburg, and made numerous other motorcycle contacts in different areas of South Africa. I expect to spend about 2 months touring on the bike, then sell it in Cape Town before flying on to Los Angeles.....for another motorcycle adventure!

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