June 2002 This newsletter is 'yours', so do please send any articles, ideas or stories to
D Lewis POBox 211, Blantyre, Malawi.



Report by: Demelza LEWIS

  • A Servas meeting took place on Saturday the llth May 2002 at Demelza's with loads of yummy food.
  • Members are urged to send articles to me for the next newsletter -have you received any travellers?
  • Demelza put advertisement on Servas Malawi into St Andrew's International High School annual magazine.
  • George and Clara in Lilonge now married have moved Blantyre and are working at Limbe Admarc.
  • Demelza (main Servas contact) receivcd our first international newsletter - extracts of which follow over page

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    ~ Marcel and Caroline in Bangwe, Blantyre ho got married in June 2001 are expecting their first baby in the next 3 months. I hoped to have a photo of the happy event but have not been able to pry one off them!
    ~ Demelza and Ben - who are still not married but promising to do it every year; Had their 2nd daughter Czeskha Luccia Tiyamike arrive on the 15th March at 7lbs to join Paschwa.

    Come on Servas Malawi
    members -lets get
    some new hosts on
    board - lets grow!
    Its up to YOU!

    REPORT: Servas Meeting
    Saturday 11 th May 2002

    .To be honest this was a bit of a sad affair and a waste of nicely cooked food. It was poorly attended (me & Ben, George & Clara) but maybe that reflects membes' business or total disorganisation or disinterest? (Most of us have received no Servas travellers) or the current economic struggles, which limits travel. I like to think it is the last reason, although those of Blantyre should really have been able to make it. (Please see the date for the next meeting and consider making it a long weekend if you have to travel to BLANTYRE. Come stay with us hosts in BLANTYRE!! There is a lot to see in Blantyre, like Carlsberg, PAMET , Michiru Mountain, Web cinema, and our weather here is normally good.)
    .On the serious issue of money -I realise it could be a problem and would like to encourage you to attend meetings by offering those in need transport money. My own home massage aromatherapy and reflexology therapy business is not super profitable but -I would rather see you, than not see you - so please do let me know if I can help with travel costs -I could send postal orders you bring me the bus ticket receipts.
    .We agreed: -I would put an advert in St Andrew's school magazine. The inclusions for this newsletter and an Update of membership details.
    .Perhaps we can also approach Servas Int about some help for transport money???? Lets discuss this at the next meeting then.... and maybe approach Servas's Development Fund Committee for help.... ?


    The Servas EXCO members
    President: Roger MARTIN, Norway.
    Vice-President Bibendra PRADHANANGA, Nepal.
    General Secretary:
    Frits STUURMAN, The Netherlands.
    Treasurer: Gybbgyver KUDOR - Hungary.
    Peace Secretary:
    Marco KAPPENBERGER, Samoa.
    Host List Coordinator:
    Laura RAGUCCI, Argentina.

    Last international Servas meeting was in
    Thailand in September/October 2001



    EMAIL RECEIVED 20/8/99 from Demelza Lewis

    " Over new year 2002 I travelled through Australia visiting Alice Springs - meeting a day host and staying with hosts in Adelaide and 2 on the island of Tasmania. Hosts sounded wary on the phone when they first heard from me and I am wondering whether is was due to that I was from Malawi (and they had no idea where it was) or that I was 7 month' pregnant and would pose the theoretical threat of delivering in their dining room. I was supposed to be finding myself and having a 2-week break from my first daughter and partner, but I think the problem was I was refusing to accept that I was lost. Denial is soooooo tiring!
    Getting over the shock of the size of the Australia host list tooK me a while at first - 650 hosts!! So many people so little time. I found I enjoyed meeting the host families and once most had got over the shock of how large my belly was and could focus on my face - all went well. In Servas company I felt very relaxed and welcomed and strangely enough I choose hosts who had children - was my heart saying something to me or was I a glutton for punishment?" THANK YOU S£RVAS AUSTRALIA FOR A W£LCOMING VISIT


    It's been almost 2 years now and no one has received any news about/off from Chris - the very first Servas Malawi host based in Dedza. Chris left Dedza to go and study in Zomba to be a teacher.
    He was also sponsored by Demelza to visit Servas Hosts in Zimbabwe for 2 weeks. And while the trip was very successful Demelza and we sadly did not receive any report of the trip. We have repeatedly written to Zomba and Dedza and received no reply and so officially give notice that Chris Khwimani is no longer a Servas Member. We therefore say-



    Day: Saturday 21nd November 2002


    Where: Blantyre Demelza’s House. NB: Please note we really want you to come. If travel finances are a problem -please do contact us for help. We may also be able to offer accommodation why not make a long weekend of it and stay with our Blantyre hosts.

    This year like most of you, I have received no Servas Travellers. Last year I had so many I had to borrow mattresses for two couples. But this year not one @ sooooooo sad.
    I think many of you, may be like me seriously frustrated. I think in part the reason is
    a) fear of flying after Sept 11th
    b) Political instability in neighbouring Zimbabwe leading to fewer travellers and less who pop across to us in Malawi.

    What have I tried to do about this?
    Well I have made a real effort to circulate our Servas host list internationally and over 35 countries should now have received it. I must admit I am not super computer/ internet literate and so I sent our latest host list to Laura RAGUCCI in Argentina as she said she'd kindly get it out to all those countries who wanted it.
    We also have a website for Servas Malawi -set up kindly by Rey JOSEPH in Mauritius for us. So anyone in Servas can contact me via my email direct. Don't forget you can too - its:-


    'It is a privilege for me to write to you as president for the first time. It is a time of trouble in the world, and the need for Servas as a peace organisafion has probably never been greater at any time in its 52-year history. You probably find as I do that when you see TV news of human suffering in a country, you immediatetely think of someone from that country you have met personally .... you find it impossible to share the hatred you see expressed on the news. Please do not forget for a moment that Servas is an organisafion committed to building peace. This must be at the forefront of our activities.'

    J J J

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