Information upon Servas Lesotho

There is not really a Servas Lesotho as such but one willing and able host. I am that host, Wilson Malahleha and my family. I was sitting idling the time away reading the magazine 'Overseas Business', when my eye was caught by an advert 'meet people from all over the world and make friends', I was suddenly quite inspired and wrote off to the International Servas Secretary for info. Newsletters and application forms flew through the post and before I knew it someone seemed to be knocking at my door. I received my first traveller the following year from Germany, then this whole American family travelling Africa by Landrover.

Lesotho is a beautiful country (of course I am prejudiced), but it is unique. Surrounded by Africa it has sat bang in the middle of this volatile continent quietly observing South Africa's development and become embroiled in its apartheid struggle. Our culture and traditions are quite fascinating and we are on the whole a welcoming gentle people so do come see for yourselves.

Wilson Malahleha