9-11 April 2010

Chez Molefe — TCE Plot 7B

At Tonota College of Education


Agenda and Minutes
Attendance: Regrets

Allocation of special tasks – recording meeting, cooking, chairing, timing of meals, tea breaks, etc

Welcome, Objectives & Introductions
Briefing and overview of meeting / Aims and objectives of meeting
Multi-ball game

Servas International
History of Servas [now 60 years old]
History of Servas (including peace activities, youth programmes, workcamps, and past activities)
EGA Mar del Plata 7 to 11 September 2009, Argentina, and future of Servas International (slide show)
South-North Links (Twinning with Scandinavia) and progress on implementing them

Servas in Botswana: History, status, travellers in / travellers out

Report on SERVAS AAM in Livingstone, Zambia, December 2007
Review of Servas in Africa and Future of Servas in Africa, Servas Areas in Africa (past, present and future)
Changes taking place in the world that impact on Servas (economic, social, political, divisions, restrictions on travel, and so on). Problems developing Servas in Africa and solutions.
Reports from Africa Servas Members travelling – numbers, experiences and recommendations.

Lunch and Excursion
After lunch to Supa-Ngwao Museum, Francistown and on return view of Shashe Reservoir above the dam.

Next African Area Meeting, 15-22 August 2011 in Kampala, Uganda
Discussion of how Botswana will participate in this meeting.

Communication Issues
Use of e-mails – improving communication Servas web pages
Use of other networks (FaceBook, CouchSurfing, Hospitality Club, BeWelcome, etc)
Servas News
Africa Area Newsletter
Interviews of New Member of Servas Botswana

Record of 2008 Meeting at Mokolodi Nature Reserve—Matters arising from this meeting
Election [positions: Coordinator, Deputy, Membership (Host List), Youth Representative, Newsletter, Treasurer]

Finances – expectations and realities
Possibility of larger meeting, e.g. next year – establish planning committee, include teleconference feature while core group is together – to contact & involve others