Royal College Port-Louis, more than just being one of the best colleges in Mauritius, can be also be depicted as being a living monument. This webpage thus pays tribute to an extraordinary institution and points out its uniqueness.

The website we have constructed gives outsiders an inside view of the college and at the same time is an interactive page for actual students, staff and Old Royals. In other words almost everything on RCPL can be found here. Students, staff and Old Royals can inform themselves of forthcoming activities or events.

Furthermore, a special corner where pictures, essays, poems and other similar materials can be uploaded and downloaded. Moreover, the website also provides easy access to the different features of the Internet apart from the WWW (such as channel #royalists on the DALnet IRC chat network and the RCPL Message Board).

We, the Website Founders, hope that you will enjoy this website …..

Once a royalist, Royalist for life…….

Nataraj J Muneesamy

Tarish Dooshiant Dyall

Amit Deepchand

Diowensen Govinden

Riyad Ammerudden

Amrish Bucktowarsing

Irshaad Burthun



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