The Body of the School Council is solely constituted of students. The main aim of the council is the protect and promote the rights of students of RCPL. The body slightly differs itself from other School Councils of other colleges. Indeed pupils of RCPL can claim that their council is unique.

Members (look below for list of members) of the body are not elected as in other institutions but chosen through interviews. Moreover only mature pupils of form IV and above are considered for the interview. Each Councilor is expected to act as according to the constitution of the body. If not sanctions will be undertaken. Apart from its fundamental role, the body also organises several extra-curricular activities such as competitions (look below for agenda).

Furthermore the body also helps the school administration as to the preparation of the Sports Day, Independence Day Ceremony, Prize Giving Ceremony and other similar events.

Nataraj J Muneesamy

(Ex-Council Member)



Quiz Competition

Issue of RCPL Stickers

Issue of RCPL Tracksuits

Music Day

Issue of Royalists 2000 (School Magazine)


List of Members 2000


President Sebastien Lan Yue Wah

Vice President Yaasiin Etwarooah

Secretary Ravin Ramsamy

Treasurer Cedric Philippe


Mushtaq Namdarkhan

Kritesh Jadahsing

S.V Poinen


Vishal Ballee

Zaahir Sulliman

Vishen Patten


Thierry Tangman

Khalid Jawahir

Patrice Ah Chip

Nitish Sunassee

Rubesh Gooriah

Meganaden Thanthanee

Navin Doysuree

Kala Jatin

Alan Hung Hing Sang

Mahess Gungaram

Krishen Cunnasamy

Frantz Mariette

Bilaal Tourabaly

Fardeen Emambux

Azyad Saalih Ahmad


Muneesamy Jagganaden (Nataraj)

Bucktowarsing Amrish

Leung For Sang Fat Kee



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