RCPL in already 70 year existence continues to dominate the educational scene in a variety of ways, whether academically or in extra-curricular activities.

As any prestigious institution RCPL has been producing laureates since 1953, and its performance in both S.C and H.S.C has always been very good. This ought to be no saying considering the quality of students that gain admission in this school. With the present ranking system only the best among the first 250 students boys are admitted to RCPL.

Most RCPL boys have clearly laid down objectives which they invariably achieve. Being hardworking, ambitious and committed they work hard. They all manage to accomplish what they do set out to achieve. Equally committed are the parents so that with high level expectations from both it is no surprise that RCPL has kept to the mark so far.

With the support of the Ministry, the school is being given a fresh coat of paint and a lot of renovation works are being carried out in the Hall and the Lecture Theatre.

With the rush towards Information Technology there is a greater demand for Computer Studies at all levels. For the past few years, the Computer Lab has undergone considerable improvement in terms of PCs and a variety of software used. We are proposing further development in this section, including the construction of a new computer lab.


Mr. Ghanty




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