Design and Technology is a compulsory subject upto Form III.

For School Certificate, the following two subjects are offered: CDT(Design of Communication Design of Technology). At RCPL only CDT:Design and Communication is offered. Students are to work on themes set by the Cambridge Examinations Syndicate culminating into a design folio and model.

At HSC Level, Design and Technology(Communication) is offered. It is a subject concerned with design activity including an understanding of the manufacture of artefacts. It is intended as a course for students seeking to develop further their experience of Design and Communication at SC Level.

The syllabus has been designed with the demands of employers and higher education in mind. It could equally wll be studied as a complement to the study of Mathematics and the Sciences or to provide a contrast to the study of the Arts Languages and Social Sciences.

For HSC students have to submit two projects and sit for a written paper. Students have been performing very well both at SC and HSC Level. Some students fear to take these subjects mainly because of the stringencies of project work and the unsupported opinion that quite high costs are involved. Those students who discipline themselves with sound project management techniques do very well. We do hope that you will have a better understanding of the subject "Design and Technology"


Teacher Profiles:

1. Mr. R.THAKOOR (Head of Department)

Subjects taught: Design and Technology, Design and Communication

Teaching Experience: 22 years of teaching experience

Qualifications: Degree

Opinion on RCPL: Highly rewarding place to work. Students generally have a good behaviour and are hard working


2. Mr. Bajnauth



3. Mr Raderam



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