The library is an essential tool for the RCPL students because it is a well of knowledge where students enhance their general knowledge.

In the library all sorts of interesting reading and learning materials can be found such as recent magazines, newspapers and reading books.

Magazines which are available for the students are as follows:

1) Time, 2) Le Point, 3) Readers' Digest, 4) Ca m'interesse, 5) The guardian, 6) Science et Vie, 7) Economist, 8) PC Magazine

The library also contains the following sets of Encyclopedias:

1) Americana, 2) Britannica, 3) Compton, 4) Larousse, 5) Chambers, 6) International

Apart from learning materials, we also have nice and interesting reading books of different types to satisfy each and every like of the students. Thus, it can be clearly seen that the library can only help in the success of the students of RCPL.


Library Staff Profiles:

1. Mrs. JAYPAL Ameeta

Years of Experience: 14 yrs

Profession: Library Officer

Opinion on RCPL: RCPL is one of the best schools. The students are very well-cultured, intelligent and friendly. I feel very much at ease with the pupils and staff.


2. Mrs. SATTORGHEN Sharda

Years of Experience: 4 yrs

Profession: Library Clerk




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