- Q : Krishna, what about Lee Lozowick ?

Lee Lozowick is an American spiritual teacher. He is a devotee, let us say a disciple of Yogi Ramsuratkumar.

That's all.

Some time ago, some hard words from this stupid Krishna could be read on this WEB site concerning Lee. This was some 'organic reaction', the same as, when the body knows some indigestion, it has to vomit. This also was a way to ask Lee to stop the game he was playing since so long. Now, let us remove some of these words, they have become useless and unimportant. Since long I hoped that Lee and i could have links to work for the same goal, as Yogiji wanted.

Because what i know is what Yogiji said : "Lee and Krishna are doing my Father's work." Then, what's the use for one of them to confront the other one? Let us do Father's work. And i never wanted to confront anybody. i'm in fraternal terms with all Yogiji's devotees. Yogiji didn't want that his devotees fight each other. But look at this …

Since these words were put on the Internet, i came to India (Nov.-Dec. 2007), here and there, and particularly to Tiruvannamalai, and heard things i did not know. From them, i could understand better this surprising behavior.

Surprising because this behavior didn't appear in one day. In 1994, the relation between Lee and me was really fine, really good. Even in March 1995, Lee sent me two pictures, one together with our Father, the second one with he and i. And it is like this that this Krishna would want us to be always, even now. However, afterwards, in 1995, and i don't know why, i felt some distance from him and his students towards me. Each of us stayed apart, as Lee was always in a group with his students, which was totally normal. But this distance took such a proportion that one day, in 1996, at the beginning of a darshan, our Father asked us to come to Him and told us : "Go and sit there, and speak together, of anything, but speak!", and, during the days when Lee was there, He always put us together during darshans, and this every year. So, you can see how much He wanted us to work parallel.

Now, what i learnt some days ago is that, in 1995, when M. was still with Lee, the latter told his students : " don't meet with this Krishna, he is a bad guy." I was told even more : "this Krishna married a Hindu girl for having a slave at home." Things like this. When hearing such things, for sure i was dumbfounded… They just did not know me! I had to understand the reason of this… M. told me : 'Lee hated you." I asked why. "Because Yogi loved you!' - 'But Yogiji loved everyone!' - Krishna, it is like this … It is true that, in 1995, Yogiji always took this Krishna by His side, everyday, at every darshan. So, is it for this that this behavior appeared?

So, now, i understand better why they were so distant (smile). But i could not understand this hatred because Yogiji loved me! Only the opposite could be understandable. Do you think that the Sun makes a difference and does not send his rays in the same way for everyone?… Yogiji loved everybody! He was Love! I was not fighting, never, i even never thought of doing so i just received blows in the back, never directly and i didn't know. Why to fight? This, i don't understand. But now, what i wish is just to correct what is wrong. Krishna doesn't matter, Yogi Ramsuratkumar's Name matters!

Once, Lee visited me when i was still living in France. I did not know that it was at Yogiji's request. I just learned this during this last trip, some 15 days ago, i tell you the ways it was told to me : After landing in France, Lee told M. : 'Now, we will go and see Krishna'. M. could not understand this : - But, you dislike him so much! - Yogi Ramsuratkumar asked me to go and meet him.' When Lee arrived in our village, my wife (you know, the Indian slave … who got darshan of Yogiji in 1990 and received His blessing at Sannadhi street house) and me did our best to receive him the best way we could. And, to show that we had to work together, i even meet him in Paris some days later, telling him the same. But, afterwards, I did not get any news from him. I just met him in Tiruvannamalai every year at Jayanti time.

Some years later, again at Yogiji's request, Lee visited me in Mauritius. This Krishna did his best to receive him in the best way he could. He brought good musicians from Chitrakut and organized a Ramnam Puja in his small house. Tulsidas Ramcharitmanas was chanted and, during the arti, Yogi Ramsuratkumar's name. Then, I brought him to some temple and asked him to deliver a speech there. There also, I told him that we had to stay in touch and work together. Once again, good resolutions were taken, but they have never been implemented. By the way, this puja and Ramcharitmanas chanting were recorded and I sent a copy of the video recording to Bhagavan, to show him that we were together, Lee and me. I was told that Yogiji watched the entire tape.

I am sure that Lee does a good job. He is doing 'Father's work'. Does he not spread Yogiji's name? Did he not release a book such as 'Under the Punnai Tree', following Yogiji's instructions, even when he uses any book for projecting himself in an increcible way? As Yogiji said : 'The messager is not important, the message is important.' Is it not like this that the Vedas are still preserved, even if nobody understands them nowadays? So, Yogiji's name is spread .... Legends will disappear, the only truth will remain.

I have met some of Lee's students and nearly all of them were very nice. The first i met was Balaram, and i have a very good 'souvenir' that I have narrated in "Souvenir 1995". These people were very dedicated to him. However, the relations between Lee and i have always been distant, i know better why now (smile). But i had to understand the deep reason of this hatred towards me and, later, of his way of crushing me in the back. I did not feel him deeply, certainly because of this feeling towards me…. What i could say now, after having lived in USA for more than one year, is that he is a typical American spiritual teacher. I will never say a sage, because he is not, as i am not either, but i will say a teacher. It is the American way. Teaching spirituality is a 'profession', like teaching mathematics. Lee is a 'spiritual teacher'. He makes a living with that, gets money and fame. It is ok, it is like this in USA. It's all in the mind. Americans are not aware of it, however it is like this... Let me add that they are brought up in individualism and taught to realize their 'ego' .. and get money and fame (laughter). You know, we are just instruments … and you cannot say that Yogiji does not find the instruments fitted to the time and the location.

As for me, i think that the first reason of that distance between us was due to this American individualism. This is not at all personal to Lee, but to Americans in general (please note that there are wonderful exceptions, obviously (Hilda, Will, Bret, for instance). And, also, there is that American pride that makes them think that they are the best, that they know everything, and that other people are second class citizens. This has always hurt me, and i saw this individualism in Tiruvannamalai, where Lee's American students, and himself, were always moving in a group, always together, never mixing with Indians or other people, and looking at Indians as second class people and servants.

I liked Lee's poems, i read a lot of them before meeting with him, in a booklet found at Sadhu Rangarajan's. Then, later, I felt some difference between what i had read and his way to behave, as i did not feel possible to love Yogiji in the way that could be felt when reading the poems and, at the same time, to be so distant with others than his students. But, ok, there must be some reason that i don't know. Whatever, Lee is doing Father's work and I feel that he is perfect for USA, where people look for spirituality with their mind...

Now, the second thing that surprised me was to hear that he was seen as a "realised soul". A lot of people blindly believed that. I would be great! But in USA, in terms of spirituality, common people are so young and naïve… but this is true for most of Western countries.... And see, nowadays you can find a lot of so-called gurus everywhere, and they even project themselves as 'Sad-gurus', let us not forget that this is Kali yuga ... You will always find people to follow... I remember another American girl who came to Tiruvannamalai in 1997, giving darshans. Funny, isn't it? Americans coming to India to give darshans (laughter). She was a Papaji's (Punjaji) disciple, and she thought she was 'realised'. Please consider this sentence : 'she thought she was realized" (smile). You know, what they have got is just some sudden intellectual understanding, but this has to do with the mind, not with the Atman. When she came at a darshan, Yogiji asked her to come by His side on the platform and was very kind to her. Then, suddenly, he called me and asked me to talk with her after the darshan session... For sure she was shocked! This little guy had to speak to her, to such a realized soul! Nice people, somehow deluding themselves, but nice people. But ok again, everybody is free to think whatever he wants. They think they are realised, it's OK. They create a legend about themselves, it's ok. They get fame and money, it's ok. Spirituality has become a big market nowadays, a global market (laughter), so you will always find naive people to follow them and sing their glory. You find Evangelist speakers who got some fame with many followers, and you find others who use something else. It has always been the same. Remember, one hundred years ago, Swami Vivekananda - the wisdom - on one side, and the Theosophists on the other side (basically American and using Hindu tradition), their fight to be known and the way they behave against him. So, there is nothing new under the Sun, everything is ok. Everything is in order.

One day, i came to learn that M., an American student of Lee, had left his 'master', so much he was disgusted. M. has lived in Tiruvannamalai for some time, he was there for Lee's interests. There he got almost daily darshan of Yogiji. Later he moved to France and tried his best to spread Yogiji's name. It is at that time that he left Lee. His master did everything afterwards for denigrating him. I could not believe it. This is what he tells me once again (nov. 2006) : "It was only a handful of years ago when I decided to leave Lee as my teacher and fully accept Bghwan as my master. One of the reasons I decided to do this is because of some of these actions that Lee does and always has done. When I took this act to leave him, being a double scorpio that he is and not a master like he thinks he is, he did everything in his power to stop me from going around France working with people and bringing them to Yogi. As you know this brought much heart pain number 1, then anger and tension. As I traveled around, I spoke of all this injustice to different people. "

My God, these words are pretty hard! Lee did everything to prevent him to bring people to Yogiji in France! How was it possible to understand this???? I couldn't. By the time, i met another American student of Lee. His name is B.. This man was and is a really wonderful one, with such an heart, a great one! For him too, Lee was 'divine'. He had begun to build a house in Tiruvannamalai very near Yogiji's ashram. It was long to finish it, because of so many problems. B. lived and still lives in Tiruvannamalai and not, as Lee, in USA. After some time, so big his heart is, he offered his house to Lee's "trust" or whatever the name, let us say 'Lee's Hohm Community'. And you know what? This: some time later, this wonderful B. was just thrown away from his own house! Useless to tell you that, he also, left his 'American guru'. These two men, both American, have lived in the contact with Yogi Ramsuratkumar, and with time they have felt the difference between 'American spirituality' and true wisdom. They just left Lee. In spite of this, I can read a thing like this in a book written by some student of Lee : "...This article highlight a speech given by Lee Lozowick during the opening ceremony of Hohm community house, newly constructed next to Yogi Ramsuratkumar ashram". When you read this, knowing the truth, you smile .... It was B.'s house …

These events made things more difficult for me to be close to Lee…. As other things i said before…

Now, this year, the same B. who, like this Krishna, has married a Hindu woman (maybe he too wanted a slave at home …). I asked him if it was true that Lee said about me was true. He confirmed and also told me that Lee hated me. I asked him why, and his answer was the same as M.'s answer : "So simple, Krishna, because Yogiji loved you so much! I have never seen any foreigner loved by Yogiji the way he loved you!' - "But Yogiji loved everybody!" So. B. told me exactly the same as M.

I had to understand why all these things…. I think I do now, after this last trip. Lee was the only child of a Russian Jewish family, and he was brought up in USA. This is a 'must'. Everybody knows that any "only child" doesn't know what brotherhood is, because he never had any brother neither any sister. These children are alone and are seen as kings by their parents. So, they grow with the feeling that they are better than the others, that they are leaders, whatever. This is not at all their fault. It is like this, and it must be very difficult to get rid of this, to free oneself from this.

But this gives some light…. Let us take another example. O., one of the three 'Italian sisters', received Yogiji's blessings to write a book on Him. When the book was completed, the ashram refused to publish it (this is another story). O. narrates in her last email to P. (email that P. read me during this last trip) that, once, she received an email from Hohm Press, saying that they were ready to publish her book, provided that they could add some things. Olga clearly refused. Following her refusal, she writes that Hohm community sent her another email saying that they had torn her book in pieces ….

You know that Mani's book has been published by Hohm Press. In the same way they wanted to do with O.'s book, in this book of Mani, they have added some things. An entire chapter appears on Lee, chanting his glory, etc…. and in which you find the absolute opposite of the truth, as i prove it somewhere else. But so it is… You can find on this WEB site, about Lee's ashram story, what Yogiji really said, as His words were recorded on a tape (nobody knew about it, but so it is). You can also find the real thoughts of Mani….

In Mani's book too, when he and myself were so close, Krishna has nearly disappeared and he is just a 'Frenchman visiting'... What is funny is that, in the book "Under the Punnai Tree", published by Hohm Press too (meaning Lee's Press), we find exactly the same in the mouth of Balaram when he narrates (in 2003) an episode of 1993 : "a man visiting from France". It is absolutely funny! Really funny! Lee has always done this, putting down people that could put him a little bit in shade. When you know that Yogiji was waiting for me, asking about my coming for days, you feel that this is a really very strange behaviour.... There is also the episode of the videotape he has released, it is the same.

Now, one is led to understand this: In the same way he was the 'only son' at home, Lee wants to be seen as the 'only son" of Yogi Ramsuratkumar in the West. He wants to project himself as so. He wants people to believe that he is His only son, his only true Western disciple, that he only can speak in His name, etc. etc. He wants to be recognized as such. For this he does everything, never directly. M. was spreading Yogiji's name in France, therefore M. had to be crushed. O. did not want a chapter to be added in her book, aiming at the same goal, then O. had to be crushed. Krishna had to be crushed first, because he was the most embarrassing people. So, he was fouled. When they released that videotape on Yogiji, they did everything possible to remove Krishna from the tape. It was difficult, as at that time Yogiji took me continuously by His side. For sure i don't care, only Yogiji had to appear on the tape, even if, actually, it is not so (smile). And all this in spite of Yogiji asking twice Lee to visit Krishna, even in the far Mauritius!!! Then, not so long ago, Lee went on saying another lie, saying that Yogiji did not want any web site on Him, when i created the first website when He was still among us and when i received His blessings. Was it for making Krishna appear as wrong to people? What i said on the web was a organic reaction after this last lie. Too much was too much. You know, the beginning of Bhagavad Gita teaches us to fight against adharma, even if it appears in our own family. So, i did not fight against anybody, i fought against adharma, let us be clear on this.

I just could not understand this behaviour. During this trip, i have learnt that it has begun on the very first day by saying horrible things on my unimportant person, this when they did not know me at all! Yogiji wanted us to be in good terms, and i tried my best, but it is clear that i failed… There is something wrong, because it seems that i am not the only one and that even in Tiruvannamalai ...

So, i just ask Lee this today: please, brother, stop this game. Our Master was the embodiment of humility. Learn some please. You are not the only son. They are plenty. Let each of them do his work and spread Yogiji's name and glory. You have to remove this idea from your mind, you have to free yourself from this idea. You have to go beyond. You have brothers and sisters, you are no more alone, you have to learn how to play with them, to accept them as your equals, to respect them. You are one of them. We might be happy to find others spreading our Master's Nama! Brother, be happy for this, help them instead of fighting them by giving them names, and you will find what is called Love.

Yogiji wanted us to be in good terms. He said that we are doing Father's work. He sent you twice to me; do you think it was for nothing? Brother, free your mind, go beyond it, or at least try to do so. True spirituality begins only when one has cut one's head. There, you will find "unity, harmony". There you will find that "nothing is separated, nothing isolated." Brother, let us work in harmony. As our Father said : "The messengers are not important, the message is important." Messengers are just instruments. It's ok if you get fame in being an instrument for bringing people, at the level they are, to look deeper in themselves. Simply, don't fight against your brothers in this Western way of trying to put down some 'concurrence', because for these brothers of yours, there is no 'concurrence'. There is only Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Let us be all together, and this togetherness is within you, in the same way we could see in the pictures you sent me in 1995.

Q. : Is it true that Bhagavan said once that Lee was an Indian saint?

K. : It seems to me that it was Pon Kamaraj who said this. But let us say it is true. And i think it is the reason why Lee has put his own photo in the same book his Hohm Press has released on some great Indian sages… . You know, Yogiji said the same about this stupid Krishna who, however, would never do the same. And, even if he wanted, this stupid Krishna is in some ways like his Father, he does not own any book house (laugther). See, at the same time He told us we were saints, he was saying that He was a dirty beggar and a dirty sinner (laughter). See, let the one who is able to understand understand…. where the saint is and where the dirty sinners are ….


Note : how to build a legend about oneself:

You can find examples of Lee's way to project himself while putting others down by clicking here. You will find about his expected ashram in Tiruvannamalai, the lies written in Mani's book. You will find also about the making of the videotape, about this day that Balaram narrates in his own fanciful way in the book "Under the Punnai Tree", and even what he believed about "the eternal slave Devaki" ....