Syzygium contractum (Bois de Pomme, Bois Boeuf).

It is a bush or a tree, being and 10 m in height. The bark is pinkish brown, thin, separating into sheets, which do not detach. The young branches are rounded. The leaves are often found on robust shoots, which are more or less erect. The petioles can reach 5 mm in length and are 3-4 mm thick and canaliculated below. The lamina is obovoid, elliptical or subcircular, measuring 7.5-15 5-10 cm. It is obtuse or pointed at the tip while it is obtuse or sometimes sub-twisted at the base. The margin is highly revolute, being dark green above and greyish green below.

 There are 15-25 pairs of lateral ascending veins, which are prominent on both faces of the leaf. Intramarginal venation is in the form of arches and situated 2-5 mm from the margin. There are 1-2 more veins, which are found the margin.

 Inflorescences are terminal, in the form of thyrses disposed in panicles that are 3-5 cm long, with small branches 3-4 mm thick. The bracts are elliptical, sessile, reaching 4-22 3-18 mm. They decrease in size at the top of the branches and are persisting. Bracteoles are deltoid, 2-3.5 2-2.5 mm, conspicuous and persisting.

 Flowers are inserted onto the apical part of the branches of the inflorescences. They are sessile, grouped in 3's, are sometimes aggregated into globular heads. Floral buds are piriform to conical, measuring 3.5-4 2-2.5 mm at anthesis. They vary from white to reddish. The exterior of the petals and of the floral tube bears orange glands, which are spherical and prominent.

 The floral tube is prolonged over the ovary by 1.5 mm, without any distinct pseudo-pedicel. The calyx lobes are very pointed, 0.5-1 mm long and 1 mm wide, thin and late deciduous.

 The petals adhere loosely between themselves forming a calyptra of 3-3.5 mm in diameter and which is white or pink. There are numerous stamens (60-70). The filaments are 3-4 mm long and pink or white in colour. The anthers are oval and about 0.4 mm long.

  The ovary is bilocular, bearing about 6 ovules per locule. The style is 4 mm long. The berry is mauve, a flattened globule and reaching 2 cm in diameter. The hilum has a diameter of 3-4 mm. There is 1 seed and the testa adheres to the pericarp. The cotyledons are free and have short stipules.