Sideroxylon cinereum (Manglier Vert, Bois Cendré).

 It is usually a tree reaching a height of 10 m, with a tortuous trunk, usually branched into more trunks at the base of the main trunk; the bark is dark grey.  Leaves turn orange red before they fall off.  Flowers have the ability to bloom during consecutive years and can reach 5-6 mm in height.  The pedicel is less than 1 mm in length.

 Flowers are hermaphrodite, sepals 5 in number and about 3 mm, slightly pubescent on the 2 surfaces.  Corolla more or less having a shade of dark red, with a length of 4-5 mm of which the tube is about 1 mm, with 5 lobes having small hairs at their internal base.  Staminodium is longer than the flower lobes, more or less folded at the top.  Stamens are longer than the lobes by 1-2 mm, with dark red filaments fused at the base.  Female flowers with aborted stamens; corolla with reduced lobes, with irregular margin.

 Ovary is cone shape, pubescent with a length of 2-3 mm along with the style, containing 5 locules and 4-5 ovules.  Berry is spherical, about 1 cm in diameter, black, containing abundant white latex.  Seed is globular, 6-7 mm in diameter, with pentagonal section and angles corresponding to the external limit of the ovary locules.  Embryo is more or less perpendicular with respect to the fruit axis.