Polyscias dichroostachya (Bois Boeuf, Bois Papaye).

 This endemic is a small tree reaching up to 6 meters in height with a trunk of approximately 25 cm in diameter. Some 9 to 13 bright green leaves are grouped atop the small branches to form foliage leaves. The leaf lamina is oblong to oval or oval to circular and measures 7 to 14 cm in length by 6 to 10 cm in width. The lamina is also pointed at the tip and rather asymmetric with a rounded base.  

 The paniculate inflorescence reaches about 50 cm in length and is formed by spiciform racemes. These are also somewhat pubescent and floury. The flowers are sessile but grouped together. They have receptacles measuring between 1.5 to 2 mm in height. The receptacle is hemi-spherical and smooth.

The calyx is also represented by an undulated margin. The 6 to 8 petalsí colour varies from red to greenish yellow to cream. The petals measure 3 to 4 mm and are puberulent or smooth.  6 to 8 stamens and 5 to 8 styles are present. The fruit is spherical and about 5 to 7 mm in diameter.