Pisonia costata (Mapou).

It is a tree reaching 12 m in height. The leaves are opposite or in verticils near the extremity of young branches. They measure 4-20 2.5-10 cm. The tip is rounded, and the base is obtuse, rounded or sub-truncated to pointed. The inferior surface has red brown pubescence especially at a young stage. It is less dense at the adult stage.

 Male inflorescences are corymbform, dense, with a brown pubescence. The pedicels are about 3 mm long or are absent. The perianth is greenish yellow, 4-5 mm long, with rounded or very short and large dentate deltoid lobes, often appearing truncated. The stamens (4-) 5-6 (-7) exceed the lobes of perianth.

  Female inflorescences are corymbform but more loose. They have pedicels reaching 8-10 mm in length over the fruit. The flowers are 2.5-3 mm long. Anthocarp is 18 mm long (seen unripe), with a short and brown pubescence.