Mimusops erythroxylon (Bois Canne).

They are small trees with grey bark and longitudinal cracks that are not too deep.  Leaves are usually found obliquely upright, sometimes disposed at 15 cm from the branching extremities.  Leaf blade is elliptical, rounded at the top, hard and rigid.  Petiole is long by 1-7 cm and thick by 3-4 mm.  Flower is solitary, found at the base of leaves, with a thick pedicel long by 1-2 cm. The external sepals are long by 7-8 mm, internal sepals of the same height. 

  Corolla is long by 5-6 mm, with a tube long by 1-1.5 mm.  Lobes are about 3-5 mm; dorsal appendices of long lobes are 4-5 mm.  Stamens are 3-3.5 mm with filaments of 1 mm approximately.  Staminodium is 2 mm long, pointed with ciliated margin.  Ovary is about 5 mm with the style possessing 7-8 locules.  The berry is elliptical, elongated, fusiform, measuring 3-4 cm, with a thin pericarp and is not so fleshy.  There is only 1 seed, approximately 3 cm with a hard testa, black, marked on the abaxial surface by 3-4 crests.