Maytenus pyria (Bois Poudre).




 This can exist in the form of a shrub with long shoots or in the form of a bush with falling branches and can attain 5 m in height. The branches are smooth with a gray coloured bark.

  The leaves are helically arranged on young long shoots and on the short lateral shoots these appear fasciculate. Juvenile leaves measuring 5 to 13 cm by 1 to 2 cm have a lamina that is elliptical or oval, pointed or rounded, slightly crenate and sometimes bordered by a red leaf margin or have red tinge throughout. The petiole is also red in colour. Adult leaves have a lamina measuring 6 to 45 cm in length by 2 to 7 cm in width. The leaf shape is highly variable even though they are in the same shoot. In addition, a pink tinge is also observes on the adult leaves.

  The bracts are small, fimbriated to lacerated or rather dentate. The peduncles are usually rosy pink and as long as 3.5 cm. Flowers are white, the number of sepals varying between 4 and 5, are somewhat circular or oval, measure 1.25 mm in diameter and are pink or have a pink margin. Petals are circular to oval, measure 2.5 by 2 mm and are finely dentate. The stamens are 1 to 1.25 mm in length. A tough capsule is present, is approximately 1 cm in diameter, green after dehiscence and upon maturation, these turn yellowish in colour. The orange grains are ellipsoidal, roughly 3.5 by 2.5 mm and have a yellowish aril.