Labourdonnaisia revoluta (Bois de Natte à Petites Feuilles, Natte Langue de Chat, Natte Legentil).

They are tree reaching a height of 15-20 mm, with an upright trunk, an upright trunk with an upward branching and a grey bark that is slightly cracked.  Foliage is compact with a dark green colour.  Leaves are clustered at the extremities of the branches in an upright position.  Leaf blade is hard, elliptical, often with a revoluted margin, with a dark green coloration on the upper surface and a yellow-green one on the lower surface.  Petiole is slender, long by 1-1.5 cm.

 Flowers 1-3 are found at the base of leaves.  External sepals are 7-8 mm and the internal ones 8-9 mm.  Corolla measures 8-9 mm with a tube long by 7-8 mm, 14-18 lobes and 1-3 reduced ones.  Stamens (14-19) are often in same number as the principal lobes but are often associated with the reduced lobes.   The ovary with 7-9 uni-ovulated locules is long by 7-8 mm along with the style, which forms a bulge at the base.  Berry is ovoid, long by approximately 2-5 cm.  Seed is long by 1.3-1.6 cm.

 Tree that have some xerophytic adaptations.  They are not found in rainy regions but are found on the slopes of Black River gorges and in Macabé forest along the borders of the dry forest.  Was found also at Mt des Créoles and Bel Ombre. Flowers occur every 10 years mainly in January and February.