Labourdonnaisia glauca (Bois de Natte Grandes Feuilles, natte Rouge Grandes Feuilles).

They are trees reaching 20 m or more in height with a trunk of 0.8 to 1 m diameter and with spreading branching.  Leaves are upright, with hard leaf blades, v-shaped near the top, 8 x 6 cm as mean value, sometimes 4 x 3 cm only.  The petiole is robust, long 1.5-3.5 cm.  The upper surface of the leaf blade is green while the lower surface is of a silver grey colour. 

 Flowers are grouped or solitary, found at the base of leaves with thick (2-3) and long (1-3) pedicel.  External sepals are long (6 mm) and the internal ones measure about 7 mm.  Corolla (7-9 mm) with 10-12 lobes and a long tube of 1.5 mm but sometimes the lobes are reduced and barely visible.  Stamens are of same number as the petals or sometimes less by 1 or 2.  The ovary contains 7-9 uni-ovulated locules and a short style giving a total length of 5 mm.  The berry is elliptical or globular, long by 3 cm.  Seed is long by 2-2.5 cm, marked with 4-5 crests and a deep hilum.