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  Mauritius .... with it's world-known reputation for being a paradise island, has more to offer than its sandy beaches and its blue lagoons
The island is also rich in its endogenous flora and fauna ... some of them unique to only some places of the island. Through the floralis site, we'll take you for a trip in one of the nature reserves of the island, Mondrain - and you'll get the opportunity to get some useful information on many endemic plant species of the island that are safely preserved there. 
Also, lots of stuff to browse on this site, such as articles written by botanists and other herbarium specialists on the Mauritian flora, as well as our picture gallery, where you can download pictures that you won't find elsewhere. 

Check out our Site projects to see what are our future plans since we are still working ahead to enlarge our floral database for more species other than those from Mondrain. 

Take your time, relax and click your way through the expedition !!!

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