Distephanus populifolia (Liane Corde).

 This is a small, well-branched shrub that reaches 1, 30m in height. The stalks can reach 3 cm in diameter and are covered with white hairs. The leaves alternate each other, have an oval to triangular lamina measuring 3 to 13.5 cm in length by 1.3 to 9.5 cm in width. The leaf tip is pointed and the leaf base is cuneiform. The upper leaf surface is dark green with a denser tomentum on the veins. The lower leaf surface is entirely covered by a dense silvery white tomentum and the venation pattern is more prominent below. The petiole is 1 to 4 cm long.

 The inflorescence is formed by 1 to 3 terminal cymoses of 1 to 2 capitula. These can reach 4.5 cm in length. The peduncles are tough, with dense white tomentum and short bracts. The capitula are 10 to 14 mm in diameter.

 Involucre bracts are rigid and occur in series of 4 to 5. The external ones are oval to elliptical, 4 to 4.5 mm by 1.5 to 2 mm and bear white trichomes. They are also very smooth with a prominent midvein on the dorsal surface. The innermost bracts are elliptical and 6 mm by 1.5 mm. They are usually smooth at the base and in the inner surface as well.

 The receptacle is flattened and filiform. The flowers are fragrant, bear a golden yellow corolla with a tube that can be 4 mm long. The achenes are cylindrical, 3 to 4 mm long and somewhat glandular.