We would like to thank all those people and institutions that have helped us in the creation of this web site, namely;
  • The M.S.I.R.I
  • National Parks and Conservation Service
  • Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius
... and to Drs R. Dulymamode and C.G. Soopramanien, Miss N. Seeruttun, Mr S. Rojoa, Mr N. Lai Fang
and Mr R. Soobrayen.

Our sincere thanks also goes to Miss D. Florens and Mr J.C. Sevathian who helped us in our documentation and research work; to Mr G. d'Argent who was of an invaluable help as a botany guide during our visits to Mondrain Nature Reserve and Mr D. Ujodha who helped us on technical aspects for the photo gallery.