Mauritius Round Table No.3 - grown and matured for 18 years
A trip down memory lane
During year 1984, table MRT1 extended a few of their members to create a second table in Mauritius that would become the third table in the region. On the onset, this initiative rested primarily in the hands of the MRT1 extension officers: Eddy Yeung and Angelo Letimier.

These officers set about identifying the privileged group of 19 prospective, namely: Omar Bawamia, Kursheed Beebeejaun, Robert de Comarmond , Jean Claude Dantier, Rajen Dassyne, Kailash Issur, Alexis and Thierry Koenig , Sonny Moollan , Bernard Moutia , Gerard Pascal, Gilbert Poisson, Christian Poncini, Michel Prosper, Omar Rawat, Lysippe Rivalland, Francois Tadebois, Jean Pierre Tostee and John King who were to become the founder members of our table. Following a series of regular pre-setup meetings convened by the extension officers which were held during the 6 months period June to December 1984, and after due compliance with creation chapters under RTI rules, the table was officially chartered as MRT3 in early January 1985, together with the induction of the 19 prospective founder members and a newly elect chairman. This ceremony was held in the presence of HM’s Vice-Governor of Mauritius, Sir V.Ringadoo together with both local and international guests at the Julal Suja hall, MSPCA R-Hill. The event officially marked the birthplace and starting point of our club’s life and activities, and was reported widely across the local press, television and international table networks.

On a historical note, the charter of MRT3 filled the missing link, under the regional association section of RTI constitution, that led on later in June 1985 to the creation of ARTIO during it’s first ever AGM that was convened by MRT1’s Farook Hossen and held at Merville Beach Hotel. At that particular AGM, it was in fact the freshly chartered MRT3, through convenor Rajen Dassyne, who took up the challenge of holding 2 years after, the AGM together with first INDABA to be convened in Mauritius.

Going forward with enthusiasm, the newly inducted chairman, Gerard Pascal set the pace and held the first MRT3 business meeting in February 85 at the MSPCA in R-Hill. The Mauritian "paille en queue" bird was adopted as our official symbol together with the RT logo to signify the table’s uniqueness and beauty.

After 18 years of existence, and holding more than 200 business meetings, MRT3 has since it’s inception realized numerous community service projects, hosted ARTIO AGMs: La Pirogue 1987-R.Dassyne (with Indaba), Point-aux-Biches 1994-S Ah Kong, Ambre 1998-J P Liu and held numerous private fund raising events, some of which have been extremely innovative, not to say daring, in their conception and implementation.

Like any organization MRT3, has undergone the various life cycle phases, especially when the generation of founder members gradually started to leave table as from 1994, having attained the age limit. However, with the continuous inflow and recruitment of new prospective, a second generation of table has maintained and adapted our workings to match modern times. On the same trend, a wave of third generation “new millennium” tablers is now slowly taking over and extensively adapting the style, all whilst adopting our traditions and best practices that have made the pride of MRT3 along it’s history.

Our table today boasts to be the first in ARTIO with an active presence on the web at , which started by the publishing our homepage way back in 1998. Our projects continue to be in phase with table’s motto: adopt innovations, adapt to practicalities and improve for the future before moving again to the adopt phase. With today’s rapid changing of living style patterns, we continue to thrive due to our responsiveness to change, and pace of adaptation. Table meets for business every 1st Wednesday, and socials every 3rd Fridays of each month.

Compiled with the helping hand and memories of founder members and past tablers.

Sanjoy Gokulsing
MRT3 Chairman 2002