About 18 years ago, at the age of 22, after all these years living in poverty and in sins, Jean Claude became an alcoholic and his life was almost destroyed without hope of recovery, with his wife pregnant of their first child.  When performing night duty at the paramilitary unit called Special Mobile Force, he got a pamphlet talking about being born-again. At midnight that day, he sincerely made the prayer of salvation written in the pamphlet and was born -again. But nevertheless, his life was not so committed as a christian as it should have been. His baby-girl was very sick to the point of death at hospital due to the rate of alcohol in her blood because of her father's drinking habit. He returned home after visiting his dying baby and sat near her little bed in their only room they possessed at his parents house. He wept and could not speak, but with his heart he cried to the Lord and said " Lord, give me her life and I'll give you mine". He vowed his life to God. Today, Jennifer is a beautiful girl of 17 years. Two years later after the birth of Jennifer, Gilberte the wife of Jean Claude, gave birth to an healthy son Jean David Isaac. Later on, Jean Claude was talking to God about many things concerning the christian life. He got a dream and saw a banner on which was written " AND BE NOT DRUNK WITH WINE, WHEREIN IS EXCESS; BUT BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT".[ Ephesians 5: 18 ]. He started a journey with the Holy Spirit who taught him about the anointing. In 1995, the Lord opened the way for him to visit nations to teach on the anointing. In 1996, after 16 years of faithful service in the Police Force, he resigned to serve the Lord at a full time capacity. Since then, he has ministered in more than 10 nations. And in 1998 whilst ministering in Chicago, USA, the Lord released him and provided for Jean Claude to publish his book " CARRIERS OF GOD'S ANOINTING". He is also the apostolic leader over 10 small growing churches on the Island of Mauritius.

Jean Claude Soupin is available for ministry when and where the Lord leads.

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