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Links of Inspiration

Content group Africa


To establish a leading Pan-African entertainment group that creates, produces and distributes local media/television content to the African market.

To train local talent and create self-sustainable local production centers. To enhance quality in local production, in particular regarding entertaining educational content.

To establish relationships on a corporate level, inviting international broadcasters, production companies and others to become active partners in the project.

Nissan Nativ Acting Studio

Classes at the Nissan Nativ Studio contain no more than 15 students. In larger groups, the student cannot receive the personal attention he requires in order to develop the approach that best suits his personality and gifts.

Theatre Martin Mutter

Our work is characterized by our belief in the theater's unique power. We believe in the strength of meets around common human issues and that "soft values" such as empathy, identification and imagination are vital for children as well as adults.

Dream Art Academy

The birth of D.A.A in 2010 had a main motive; promote young artistic talents in Mauritius. Unfortunately, there is no such efficient platform in Mauritius whereby ALL youngsters ? whichever be the social and academic background they bear - can show their artistic talent on a big stage. D.A.A has been created to give the chance to young Mauritians to showcase their love for Art and reach for their artistic dreams.

International Theatre of the Oppressed organisation

Theatre of the Oppressed was born in 1971, in Brazil, under the very young form of Newspaper Theatre, with the specific goal of dealing with local problems. Soon it was used all over the country. Forum Theatre came into being in Peru in 1973, as part of a Literacy Program; we thought it would be good only for South America - now it is practiced in more than 70 countries. Growing up, TO developed Invisible Theatre in Argentina , as political activity, and Image Theatre to establish dialogue among Indigenous Nations and Spanish descendants, in Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico ... Now these forms are being used in all kinds of dialogues.

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