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The need to join Mega-Care

Presently when one is involved in an accident, existing emergency ambulance service being limited, one has to rely on passers-by to be taken to a hospital or clinic, This practice, although welcome at the time, may not only aggravate the injuries, but can also be fatal, if mishandled by untrained personnel.

The Service

Pre-hospital care to increase chances & quality of recovery.

Transport from place of emergency to the nearest hospital or clinic as per member's instructions.

Inform third party/family doctor as per member's instructions.

Mega-Care offers an Emergency Ambulance Service, on a membership basis, covering the whole island 24hrs a day.

Ambulance Technicians have been trained to deal with Road Traffic Accident Casualties, Work Injuries, Fractures, Burns, Cardiac Emergencies, etc. to a level similar to that of the UK National Ambulance Training Standard.

The ambulances
and motorcycles, strategically positioned throughout Mauritius, are equipped with advanced First-Response kits and oxygen units.

In heavy traffic, the Ambulance Technicians on well equipped motorcycles, are deployed to provide initial treatment pending the arrival of the ambulances.

Sophisticated communication equipment su as Onboard Computers and Advanced Telephone Systems, allow quick and efficient co-ordination between Ambulance Technicians, the Central Monitoring Station, the pool of Doctors on call, and if necessary, other emergency services such as the POLICE and the FIRE SERVICES.

These equipment also give access to personal data provided by the member, i.e. Blood Group, Allergies, Current Medical Condition etc. This information is vital to provide care without unnecessary delay, both by the Ambulance Technicians and at the Treatment Centres.

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The "Automatic Request for Ambulance" is an optional personal service which functions independently of the telephone networks or the mains power supply. By simply pressing the button on a special device, a signal is emitted which allows the operator at the Computerised Central Monitoring Station to immediately itentify the registered location where assistance is needed and dispatch an ambulance.

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The Computerised Central Monitoring Station is the nerve centre of the organisation. It operates 24hrs a day to receive emergency calls and to deploy the nearest vehicle (Ambulance and Motorcycle) to the place of accident or emergency.

With the sophisticated equipment at the CMS, the operators verify the personal data of the member in need.

They follow instructions as per the member's record and transmit information such as blood group, allerties, current medical condition, etc. the ambulance technicna.

The CMS operators also advise the treatment centre of the nature of the casualty and condition of the injured, the estimated time of the arrival and, if necessary, liaise with other emergency services such as the POLICE and the FIRE SERVICES.

Intensive training is given by experienced trainers. Regular updates and yearly qualifying examinations are part of the extensive training program.

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Ambulance technicians, Male and Female, have received training and are qualified to provide emergency pre-hospitale care which is one of the most improtant aspects of the project. They have followed the extensive training program under the leadership of full-time experienced local and overseas trainers.

Subjects covered include: Road Traffic Accident Casualties, Work Injuries, Fractures, Borns, Cardiac Emergencies, etc.

Compulsory participation in refresher courses and yearly re-qualifying examinations form part of the ongoing training program.

Site S05 ORCHARD CENTRE, QUATYRE BORNES, tel/fax 42 42 116 (24hr)
Corner Brabant & Redoute Streets, Port Louis


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General Information
Services are provided to members subject to contributions being up to date,

Contributions are paid a minimum of one month in advance.

Minimum membership period is 12 months.

Membership will become operational not later than two working days after payment of contribution.

Services will be provided on Mauritius island only, where road network is practical and weather permits.

Services are provided in good faith, within a reasonable time and as traffic conditions permit.

The services providers or employees will not be directly or indirectly liable under any circumtances whatsoever.

Services will be provided to members only.

Should services be provided to nonmembers, it shall be on a second priority basis and subject to Management’s discretion and they shall be billed accordingly.

Members should have their membership identification pins on them so as to facilitate identification.

Services are strictly provided for emergency situations only.

Request for non-emergency services may be provided in special circumstances against payment of an agreed fee subject to Management discretion.

Services will not be provided where the lives of the service providers may be at risk especially in cases involving war, riots, cyclone warning class III and class IV, bomb attack, fire, flooding, earthquake etc. This list is not exhaustive.

After 5 interventions per member within any 12 months period, services will be provided at the'discretion of the service providers and subject to an agreed fee at the discretion of management.

Non collaboration or aggressive behaviour may lead to termination of membership and any amount remaining to the credit of the member will be forfeited.

The completed form will be processed and sent back to the member for confirmation of data.

Use of the confirmed data will take effect two working days following receipt of the confirmed data / signed document.

Membership is not transferable.

The service providers or employees shall not be responsible or liable in any way whatsoever from the moment the casualty is handed over to the hospital, clinic, medical surgery, medical institution, doctor’s surgery or any medical point as required in the circumtances of the emergency for any medical negligence arising while the member is being treated by the institutions as above.

In case of emergency, the ambulance providers team shall be free to elect as Road traffic shall permit the most appropriate and convenient treatment centre as the circumtances of the emergency shall require.

Any disputes will be settled amicably in the first instance.