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What's new on JHB Web Page

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April 21 2002

I have added a VBDOS page. There's not much for the moment being. I'll be adding more later.

April 15 2002

I have updated my Qbasic Tutorial for Beginners and Children. It should be completed by the beginning of May.

April 1 2002

I have added a projects page section. It contains information about any forthcoming entry to the site.

March 10 2002

I have added more applications to the download page.

February 20 2002

I have redesigned the page to make navigation become easier.

February 10 2002

I have updated Estelle's page. It contains drawings made by a 8 year old child.

The Linux section has been updated

January 06 2002

I have updated the logo programming  page. Logo is a programming language accessible to young children.

January 04 2002

Estelle's page has been updated

December 2001

It's been nearly 4 years since I last updated this page. I have removed some sections that I no longer maintain and will add new fields of interests. 

New sections on my web page:

Pascal programming
C/C++ programming
The Rapid-Q programming environment
The Linux operating system
Estelle's Page

I have also updated the following sections:

My programs

Saturday 31 January 1998

A Menu in 10 lines. That's the title of a Quick Basic Library in development. I have uploaded version 0.5 of the library. Its aim is to help Quick Basic 4.5 programmers to include a keyboard/mouse driven menu easily in their application.

Tuesday 09 December 1997

The Qbasic Programming &Source Codes page has been updated.
The Qbasic Programming &Source Codes page has been updated. It now contains the source codes of full programs I wrote in the past years. I have also included top source codes from other BASIC programmers.

Sunday 05 October 1997

This page has undergone a major renovation.
- Two new topics have been added to the page:

- The Education & Reference page now contains limks to Mauritian Newspapers, The Wester Dictionary and Britanica Encyclopedia

Saturday 23 August 1997

The Qbasic Programming &Source Codes page has been completed.
The Qbasic Programming &Source Codes page has been completed. This page contains source codes of Qbasic programs. A tutorial will be included later.
See also the Programming &Source Codes page for more on programming.

Thursday 21 August 1997

The Mauritian Touch page has been completed.
The Mauritian touch page has been completed. This page holds applications developed by Mauritian programmers.

Friday 08 August 1997

The Karaoke page has been completed.
The Karaoke page has been completed. It contains two Karaoke players - a DOS player and Windows 95 player - and some popular songs from various singers. More to come later.


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