Qbasic Tutorial for beginners and children (Under Construction)

Qbasic Tutorial: Chapter 2

Storing data in the computer memory
Data types: Constants and Variables

You may need to store data in the computer when writing your program.

Data is classified into 2 types:

  • Numbers
  • Character Strings

Example of numbers:

10    +5    0.32    -1.234

Examples of character strings:

"Hello! how are you?"   "John Smith"   "14 Royal Road"   "$123"

Characters consist of letters, numbers, symbols and special characters.

To store data in the memory you will need to put them first in memory variables or constants. 

A memory variable will store values that vary, change.
A memory constant will store values that remain constant (i.e. they don't change).

The Computer Memory

The memory of the human being contains millions of cells that store the different information that you have acquired in your life. Similarly the computer memory could be represented as storage cells. Each cell can be given a name or an address as follows:

Value 10 +5 0.32 -1.234
name of cell a b c d


Value Hello! How are you John Smith 14 Royal Road $123
name of cell a$ b$ c$ d$

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