Qbasic Tutorial for beginners and children (Under Construction)

The BASIC programming language

BASIC is a high level language that was developed in 1964 by John Kemeney and Thomas Kurtz at the Dartmouth College in the USA.

It is one of the most popular programming language because it easy to learn and use. It was meant to be as easy as possible. 

BASIC is an acronym for:

Beginner's All - Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

Different Versions of BASIC

There are different versions of BASIC. Among them:

GW-BASIC, Turbo BASIC, Quick BASIC, Qbasic, Visual Basic, Liberty BASIC, Power BASIC, etc. 

Visual Basic is probably the most popular and powerful of all. It has many advanced features which allow you to write great programs in a short time with a minimum of code and sometimes no code at all from your part if you're to use the application wizard. However it would be, IMHO, wiser and easier to start with a more standard version of BASIC like QBasic.

Though there are different versions of BASIC, most of the instructions are the same.

Programming in Qbasic

Qbasic was developed in 1987. It is a light version of Quick BASIC. It contains about 250 reserved words.

Where is Qbasic?

Qbasic comes with Ms-DOS 5.0. It is also available on your Windows 95/98 Cd-Rom.

How to load Qbasic?

The executable for Qbasic is Qbasic.exe. If Qbasic is in your path you can, from the DOS prompt, type:


If you have Windows installed and have Qbasic on you hard disk, the easiest would be to put a shortcut  on your desktop or in your start menu programs. Get the help of a computer guru if necessary.

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