Qbasic Tutorial for beginners and children (Under Construction)

Chapter 1: Introduction to BASIC


Have you ever, when seeing a game or another program, asked yourself : How did they do that? 

Every program, every game you run on your computer, has been written by someone using a special software development tool called a programming language.

By definition:    A program is a set of instructions that makes the computer work.  The instructions constitute of keywords, sometimes called reserved words, that have special functions such as:

  • Clearing the screen
  • Writing data to the screen
  • Getting user input
  • Executing loops
  • Changing colours
  • Playing sounds
  • Opening files
  • Etc.

There are different programming languages. Some are difficult to use, understand, other are limited to special purposes such as scientific calculations, drawing or database management.

Some programming languages out there:

Programming language Purpose Difficulty
C/C++ General Difficult
Pascal Educative Medium
Logo Drawing, for Children Very Easy
COBOL Business ??
FORTRAN Scientific ??
BASIC General  Easy

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