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A Menu in 10 lines
Copyright© 1998 by Hensley Bass

QuickBasic Library
Qbmenu05.zip File size (34k)

A Menu in 10 lines v0.05
Include a menu in your QuickBasic program.
Author: Hensley Bass

Note: This library and its documentation is not completed yet.

All Rights Reserved.

List of Subroutines and Finctions

* sub addmenu (menucol$)
* Sub Showmenu(Title$)
* sub showtime ()
* sub menureset ()
* sub drawdesktop ()
* sub setcolor (x1%, x2%, x3%, x4%, x5%, x6%, x7%, x8%, x9%
* sub backdisplay (k%, l%, kinc%, linc%, fkol%, bkol%, bd$)
* sub box (x%, y%, xinc%, yinc%, gbbg%, bs%, ds%, typ$, tk%
* sub intelinput (x%, y%, limit%, fg%, bg%, name$)
* sub getmenuaction (item$)
* sub closeprogram ()
* sub getuserinput (item$)
* sub restorescreen ()
* sub mousehide ()
* sub mousepoll (row%, col%, lButton%, rButton%)
* sub preservescreen ()
* sub mouseshow ()

* Function Menu

* sub addmenu (menucol$)

Add a new menu column to the menu.
See also:
      * sub Menuitialize
      * sub Showmenu(title$)

Example:      addmenu "&File,&New,&Save,Save &as,S&hell,-,E&xit"

- Put a "-" if you want to get a separator.

- The ampersand (&) is optional. You can use if you want to give the user
  keyboard access to the menu item. Insert an ampersand before a letter. At
  run time, this letter is highlighted, and the user can access the menu by
  pressing the letter.

* sub showtime

Displays the current time on the lower right side of the screen.

* sub Showmenu(Title$)

Displays the menu if invisible.
Prints the title of the program.

* Function Menu

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