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Qbasic Source Codes

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My source codes

Other Programmers' source codes

 My Source Codes
Libraries Games Utilities Graphics Mathematics Sounds Misc


File Name Description Download

 A menu in 10 lines

Quick Basic library. Include a keyboard/mouse driven menu in your program. More Info Qbmenu05.zip


File Name Description Dowmload
 Hangman The famous word game. Playable in both English and French.  hangman.zip
(41 kb)
 Misermind A Mastermind type game
 Rescue Rescue 10 prisoners from a mined building
 Typist Type the word before the car hits the lorry
 Orgue v1.1 Electronic Piano for the PC speaker 3.5k
 A guess game A simple guess game Guess.zip
(1.6 kb)


File Name Description Download
 Ascii Table Displays an ASCII table Ascii.zip
 BBS to HTM Converts files.bbs to HTML format
 My Little Phone
A simple Phone Directory program. phonedir.bas



File Name Description Download
 Sketch A simple sketch drawing program Sketch.zip
 Fractals Fractals leaf.zip


File Name Description Download
 Math Quiz A simple mathematics quiz MathQuiz.zip
 Simple Operations Helps you at practising simple mathematical operations. Smpl_op.zip



File Name Description Dowmload
 Mauritius Anthem On the 12th March 1968, Mauritius acceded to independence. This little program displays an animated flag of Mauritius and plays the national anthem. flag.zip
(1.71 kb)
 Orgue v1.1 Electronic Piano for the PC speaker. (coming soon)
 Sounds Demo Small program which demonstrates the different  sounds that can be played in qbasic.  Sounds.zip
(2.77 kb)



File Name Description Dowmload
 English/French Demo Demonstrates how to write multilingual programs  language.zip
(1.04 kb)
 Graphics and Math
Program which demonstrates some qbasic graphics and math features QbDemo
(3.26 kb)

Other Programmers

File Name Programmer Description Download
 Puzzle Robin Ohm
Home Page
Three jig-saw puzzles to solve. Puzzle.zip

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