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A procedure has 3 parts:

  1. It must start with the reserved word “TO”, followed by a one word procedure name.
  1. The main body is made up of primitives
  1. The procedure ends up with word “END”

 In the example below, a procedure called “NestRep“ has been created. The main body of the procedure constitutes of the line: “REPEAT 8 [REPEAT 8 [ FD 50 RT 45 ] RT 45]


TO NestRep

 REPEAT 8 [REPEAT 8 [ FD 50 RT 45 ] RT 45] 




To run the procedure the procedure is invoked by its name “NestRep

Procedures allow the user to save his work on an EBS.


To save his work type:


SAVE “filename

 To load the file type:


LOAD “filename

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