Dbase 3+ Quick Reference Guide (Under Construction)

Using the Dot prompt mode

The Dot Prompt mode

The Dot prompt mode is the another way to work in Dbase. In the dot prompt mode there is no menu to assist you. You need to type your commands at a small dot prompt that appears at the lower-left corner of your screen as shown in the diagram above. 

If you are in the assist mode (the menu is still visible), press the Esc key as many times as necessary to switch to the dot prompt mode.

While beginners in dbase have a preference for the ASSIST mode, experienced users would favour the DOT prompt mode 

The best way to learn Dbase is start creating your database right away. In this tutorial we'll create a database file called Agenda.Dbf and learn the commands progressively as needed.

To create your database file type 


. Create <filename>


Example: To create a file name Agenda.dbf, type:


. Create agenda.dbf


To add records to the database use:






List records


The LIST command is used to display the list of records in the database. You can:

  • Display all the records or

  • Display records that meet a search criteria.

To list all records type:




To list the Surname field only, type:

List  Surname


To list the Surname and othername fields  only type:


Delete a record


Delete a record



View the list of records


View specific records


Quit Dbase 3+



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