We are pleased to give our visitors a unique opportunity to download the last Juz (last of 30 sections) of the Holy Quran in MP3 format.

The reciter for the last Juz of the Holy Quran is Sheikh Abdur Rahmaan As-Sudais. Those wishing to download the entire Holy Quran in MP3 from the same recitor can do so from the Islamway website.

Click here to start downloading selected Surahs from the last Juz.

Windows Media Player can be used to play MP3 files. Furthermore, the following MP3 Player is also provided to facilitate the playing of Holy Quran MP3 files.


Download MP3 Player

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Surah No. Surah Name Click to Download
78 An-Naba download
79 An-Nazi'aat download
80 'Abasa download
81 At-Takwir download
82 Al-Infitaar download
83 Al-Mutaffifiin download
84 Al-Inshiqaaq download
85 Al-Buruj download
86 At-Tariq download
87 Al-A'ala download
88 Al-Ghaashiyah download
89 Al-Fajr download
90 Al-Balad download
91 Ash-Shams download
92 Al-Lail download
93 Ad-Duha download
94 Ash-Sharh download
95 At-Tin download
96 Al-'Alaq download
97 Al-Qadr download
98 Al-Baiyinah download
99 Az-Zalzalah download
100 Al-'Adiyat download
101 Al-Qaariyah download
102 At-Takaathur download
103 Al-'Asr download
104 Al-Humazah download
105 Al-Fil download
106 Quraish download
107 Al-Ma'un download
108 Al-Kauthar download
109 Al-Kaafirun download
110 An-Nasr download
111 Al-Masad download
112 Al-Ikhlaas download
113 Al-Falaq download
114 An-Naas download