Dr. R.R. Pandey

Message from Dr. R. R. Pandey, professor of philosophy & religion, Banaras Hindu University, on deputation, J. Nehru Chair of Indian Studies, MGI


 It is a real pleasure for me to learn that the 6th volume of Arunodaya (Dawn) is being published shortly by its Founder Editor, Shri Yogi Rummun. It is a collection of prized essays and speeches (English and Hindi) delivered on the occasion of the 20th Jnana Yajna, the 1st July 1996, Monday at Octave Wiehé Auditorium, Réduit. I myself attended it and found the Auditorium packed to its full capacity in which most talented Mauritian youths participated in various contests organised by the organisers of the Hinduism Movement. The themes selected for these contests were mostly from the Ramayana and the Bhagavadgita highlighting universal happiness and sense-control. Recitations from the Ramayana and Bhagavadgita were fascinating. So were elocution contests in English as well as Hindi. The opening devotional dance followed by Maharastra folk dance by the girls of Presidency College was a real thrill.

The seed of the Hinduism Movement in Mauritius was sown by Shri Yogi Rummun more than three decades back. It is blossoming in the entire Mauritius such that it is being taught at HSC level as a popular subject in most colleges of Mauritius. MGI teaches this subject to the Diploma Level. MGI has drafted a syllabus for B.A. Philosophy (Hons) with special emphasis on Hindu Philosophy to be implemented from 1998.

The Hinduism Movement is based on the Absolutism of Spirit in which different ways of realising the Spirit are quite compatible with its universality. The credit goes to its founder, Shri Yogi Rummun and his equally dedicated wife Yogini Rummun for nurturing this movement which is vibrating and pulsating in the entire Mauritius and has crossed the boundaries of Mauritius by rendering commendable service as a cause of establishing the ideal of global unity by spreading the basic core of its Advaitic Philosophy which is Sat, Cit and Ananda.

I congratulate Shri Yogi Rummun, and wish that the sweet fragrance of the blossom of his Hinduism Movement should spread in the entire world and intoxicate the troubled humanity with its soothing effect.


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