23rd Jnana Yajna

Students entering the Auditorium

Yogini Rummun invoking the blessings of the Lord


Opening Devotional Dance by Presidency Girls

Our 23rd Annual Jnana Yajna (Hinduism Day) was held as usual with great enthusiasm on 30th June at the Octave Wiehe Auditorium with Hon. Kadress R.C. Pillay, Minister of Education and HRD as Chief Guest.

Yogi & Yogini Rummun with Mr. R. Matadeen representing

the Minister of Education, and other guests

Several other personalities from the social and educational world attended the function. They were Dr. Sharma representing the High Commissioner of India, Dr Swami Satyam, Hon Suren Dayal, Messrs Harish Boodhoo, Prahlad Ramsharan, Pt. Ghura, Lady Jagatsing, lecturers from the MGI, MIE and the University, other educators, parents, social workers and wellwishers.

The programme comprised competitions on Gita Recitation, Ramayana Chanting, and Elocution in English and Hindi in which students from a record number of 35 colleges took part. The preliminaries had already been held on 8th and 15th June at Curepipe and on 10th and 17th June at Pamplemouses before receptive and enthusiastic audiences. The level was higher than on previous years and excitement was high though softened by the wonderful dance interludes from Presidency Girls.
The Gita Recitation was won by Mahatma Gandhi Institute.

Gita Recitation by students of MGI

followed by D. Ramphul State Secondary School

Gita Recitation by students of D. Ramphul SSS

and Hindu Girls;

Gita Recitation by students of Hindu Girls College

the Elocution English (Junior) by Modern College followed by Gaetan Raynal SSS, the Elocution English (Senior) by MGI followed by St Bartholomew’s ; and the Elocution Hindi by St Bartholomew’s followed by St Andrew’s.

For the most spectacular item, Ramayana Chanting, there were three teams who were all impressive, but the winners were MGI

Ramayana Chanting by students of MGI

and R. Prayag SSS (ex-aequo)

Ramayana Chanting by students of R. Prayag SSS

followed by Hindu Girls.

Ramayana Chanting by students of Hindu Girls

The Runner-up Prize for the South went to Notre Dame for the Gita and Presidency for the Ramayana; while that for the North was bagged by S. Jugdambi SSS and Friendship Girls for the Ramayana, and R. Gujadhur SSS for the Gita. In the opinion of the jury all these participants did very well in their speech and chanting and deserved the praise of everybody – which they literally got in profusion.

Inspiring speeches followed the students’ programme. Mr R. Matadeen, representing the Minister of Education, praised Yogi Rummun for his pioneering work, dwelt on the need for spiritual "anchor" in schools, and promised to support Yogi Rummun’s request for the grant of music teachers in private secondary schools and an Indian scholarship to the best candidate in HSC Hinduism every year. Dr Sharma stressed the duty of youth to respect and support old age and amidst applause, expressed hope as to the award of a Hinduism scholarship by the Govt of India. Yogi Rummun dwelt on the long way covered and drew attention to the future when the experienced brains of Hinduism will have to come forward like the rishis of old or the guru of Dayanand or Shivaji in order to guide youth to prepare society to meet the challenges of the coming millennium.

The last item was the long–awaited distribution of prizes to complete and crown the other prizes, numbering about 350, given to all participants during the preliminaries. In short it was a wonderful day when we all realized we were really "Children of Immortal Bliss," as proclaimed by the rishis.

Some of the Prize Winners with Yogi & Yogini Rummun,

the panel members, Swami Satyam and other guests