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To the Reader

We have pleasure in presenting to you the 9th edition of Arunodaya. In it you will find, in addition to the essays and speeches in English and Hindi and the essay in Marathi prized at the Finals of our competitions, (i) an account of the Finals (Jnana Yajna) held at the Octave Wiehe Auditorium on 30th June;

Yogi & Yogini Rummun with Mr. R. Matadeen representing

the Minister of Education, and other guests.

(2) excerpts from speeches made on that occasion; (3) the aims of our Movement and their implementation; and (4) the launching of Arunodaya 98 by Dr Swami Satyam. All with relevant illustrations.

Dr. Swami Satyam launching Arunodaya 98

during our 3rd HSC Seminar at Goodlands on 17.9.99

Our special feature is an essay in Marathi which is the only one we received in an Indian language other than Hindi. We are glad to publish it as we did last year for the entries in Tamil and Telugu. We have awarded it a Special Prize and hope it will serve as a happy beginning for more entries in future besides helping to enlarge our Hinduism family.

A record number of 35 colleges took part in the competitions from all over the country with 25 entries for the Ramayana and 14 for the Gita, which shows the deep love of our youngsters for our scriptures despite the absence of musical facilities in most of our schools.

This necessitated two days of preliminaries instead of one at both the Centre and the North. They were held on 8th and 15th June at Curepipe and 10th and 17th June at Souvenir, Pamplemouses before packed audiences enthralled by the sound, colour and enchantment they exhaled. That itself together with the ever-rising level is a credit to the teachers, the schools and the parents concerned.

The theme of the competitions as usual follows the SC and HSC Hinduism syllabuses with a bearing on everyday life. This year we presented Hinduism through the United Nations’ reflection topic of "Older Persons". In the past we did the same for several years with the Family, Tolerance, and the Elimination of Poverty, after covering one Hindu scripture each year since the International Ramayana Year in 1989 with the Ramayana, the Gita, the Mahabharata, the Upanishads, and the Vedas in succession.

The purpose of the competitions is to enable our youth to enjoy our scriptures in the original (Sanskrit, Hindi etc) instead of English translations as required in the examinations, and see their reactions to the age-old teachings of the rishis. It reflects the aims of the Movement given elsewhere and is a corollary to our other, immediate aims and activities given further on. From what we have seen and heard over the years, we are confident that the flower of our youth are moving in the right direction and are a hope for the future.

The aims of this publication given in our first Edition in 1991, can be summarized as follows:

  1. Encourage and reward the winners,
  2. Raise the level by providing a model,
  3. Diffuse knowledge and underline the zeal of our youth to assimilate the teachings of the rishis, and
  4. Share with other adults our thrill on reading and hearing the reactions of our youth on those teachings.

A glance at these pages will show that our youth are reacting

positively to the above and that we were right in our estimate and in preserving for posterity these wonderful examples of juvenile writing and eloquence. Their access on the internet will further help their diffusion throughout the world.

A clear signal to our religious institutions to rise to the occasion and play their part adequately in order to complete

the preparation of our youth for the challenges of the new millennium.
For us in the Movement we have satisfaction in keeping the youth of 35 colleges mobilized around the teachings of our rishis for over two months every year. In making our scriptures, our culture and philosophy alive in thousands of young minds as a result of our success in having Hinduism placed on the SC and HSC syllabus, and thus contributing to make Hinduism leave the rut of centuries and enter the highways of change as taught by the world-building rishis.

We are grateful to the Minister of Education and HRD as well as the High Commissioner of India for their message of appreciation; Dr Swami Satyam for his support and blessings; the various socio-cultural leaders and

Dr. Swami Satyam Arya Samaj preacher from the USA

presenting a collection of his works to Yogi Rummun


personalities as well as our other guests for their presence and encouragement; the schools for their usual cooperation and participation, and especially the teachers for their contribution in buying many of the "participation" prizes; while congratulating the winners and wishing better luck next time to the others.

Some of the prize winners with Yogi & Yogini Rummun,

the panel members, Swami Satyam and other guests.


Our gratitude also goes to the Panel of Adjudicators (Dr N. K. Sharma of the Indian High Commission, Dr M. Chintamunnee, Miss P. Jugduth, Mr M. Ramnohur, and Mr. G. Dhunnookchand who was the Chairman – the last two and Mr V.K. Beeharry also helped in the preliminaries) for their loving service and dedication;

Mrs P. Jugduth Mr G. Dhunnookchand (Chairman)

Dr. N.K. Sharma of the Indian High Com., Dr. M. Chintamunnee and Mr. M. Ramnohur


Mrs R. Lallbeeharry and Mr. O. P. Roodurmun for the presentation;

Mrs. R. Lallbeeharry & Mr. O.P. Roodurmun

the Marathi teacher who marked the Marathi script and who has preferred to remain anonymous, and the Director of MGI for allowing the typing of that script in his press. Side by side we thank Messrs P. Neermul and A. Bhinda for editorial assistance with the Hindi and English scripts respectively; Mr. Vishwa Appadu for technical help, the Ahbensen Printing for their patience and diligence, and the College Secretarial Staff (Mrs. Amita Ghurburrun and Mrs. Sangeeta Khadaroo ) for putting in all their love and devotion in the final production of this work.

May the light of our rishis ever shine on our youth!

Charaiveti! Move on!

15th August 2000


Editor & Organizer


One who lies down is Kali
One who awakes is Dvãpara
One who stands up becomes Tretã
And one who moves on realises the Satya Yuga.
Therefore move on!

Aitareya Brãhmana