Focus attention on the need to integrate our educational system, making it complete, not merely functional, job-oriented, and thereby fulfil a need longfelt by thinking Mauritians;

  Make youth aware of the rich heritage of Hinduism and thereby satisfy the aspirations of parents and others concerned;

  Give teachers the opportunity to play the role they are eager and expected to play as "dispellers of darkness";

  Lead to the promotion of effective religious understanding in the school, and thus

  Help in the flowering of the Mauritian personality, giving it the soul it badly needs, and making our country a real model to the world.


  Three Seminars on HSC Hinduism every year at Curepipe and Goodlands for the benefit of students.

Various competitions on Hinduism with finals on Hinduism Day every year.

  Hinduism Scholarship to the best HSC Hinduism candidate yearly granted by Yogi Rummun. A Trust is in formation to that effect. Meanwhile the 1995 winner Rajshree Beneymadoo has just come back after brilliant studies in Indian Philosophy at Banaras Hindu University. We wish her all the best in her career.

 Book Project: Importation of advanced Hinduism books from India for the benefit of schools, teachers and students. Very popular in the school world, the project is being extended to Municipalities and the public. Anyone interested to have such books at cost price should contact us immediately.

 Publication of:

(i) Arunodaya, now in 9th year

(ii)Textbooks for students. Yogi Rummunís Advanced Hinduism for HSC students already released. Textbooks for Forms I-III in preparation, partly published and used at the Presidency Colleges.