Mr. R. Matadeen addressing the audience


Mr Matadeen, representing the Minister of Education

At the Ministry we would like to place on record our appreciation of the missionary zeal with which Yogi Rummun and his associates have spared no stone unturned to get more and more people involved in the Hinduism Movement to propagate the values of Hinduism and also make it a subject which an increasing number of students are now taking at school. And I am pleased also to note that in addition to this there are also many non-Hindus offering the subject

This Movement has its importance in the difficult times we are going through. We are living at a time when the pursuit of material wealth seems to be the only objective of many. We see the result around us. Now material wealth by itself is not bad but it alone does not make us happy. We need to have an anchor, we need to have values to live with and these values we get through a good education system. And as Yogi Rummun has rightly pointed out education is not simply the pursuit of a certificate. It means much more than that. It helps you to earn a living, yes, but does it make you a better citizen, a responsible citizen, a person who can make informed decision about his future, about his responsibility towards his family, towards himself and towards the nation as a whole? Here lies the importance of the school, of the teacher and all of us.

I am also pleased to note that Yogi Rummun is granting a scholarship to the best performer in Hinduism. He has just made two requests, one regarding the provision of Indian music in Private Secondary Schools and another concerning the grant of a scholarship to the best HSC Hinduism candidate every year. As far as I can promise, I will raise the first issue with the PSSA and see what can be done. As regards the second request, I am glad that Dr Sharma is here. As Chairman of the Scholarship Committee I shall certainly raise the matter with him. I will give all the support of the Ministry and the Scholarship Committee to make provision for that scholarship as is the case with Indian languages