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Children of Immortal Bliss

We’re children of immortal bliss
Moving on from height to height
One heart, one voice, one goal ours:
Rise to promote Truth and Dharma .....

So sang in Veda, Gita, Kural
Angirasa, Atri, Vyas, Tiru,
Buddha, Shankara, Mira too
Namdev, Jay, Daya, Arvind
We’re children .....

Resting in Yoga, science of soul,
Taking matter to cosmic age,
Op’ning man to dawns sublime,
One with his Maker, one with All
We’re children .....

In work and play and song and dance,
Boldly holding His sacred flag
In town and village we’ll light His torch
And thousand sparks will blaze the trail,
We’re children .....

One in spirit, one in the Movement,
Girdled strongly in dharmic bonds,
Let’s pledge aye to live our life
As true rishi santaans everywhere
We’re children .....