Comments of the Chairman of the Adjudicating Panel,
Mr Gian Dhunnookchand

Mr. G. Dhunnookchand announcing the results

The members of the panel are pleased to note the high level of performance especially in Ramayana chanting competition and elocution contest…. A selection exercise becomes easy when there are differences. I must confess that today our task was really difficult because all the participants have performed well. Believe me ladies and gentlemen we had considerable discussion before reaching the conclusion.

Panel of adjudicators with ( L to R) Miss P. Jugduth, Mr. G. Dhunnookchand(chairman),

Dr. N. K. Sharma of the Indian High Com., Dr. M Chintamunnee

and Mr. M. Ramnohur

Regarding the elocution contest in English and Hindi we have judged the particpants on the following criteria, that is, presentation, content, delivery, originality, respecting the rules, research work, use of humour, eye contact, language, style and general effect. I am not going to comment on each area of the contest due to time constraint. However I can say honestly and sincerely that the participants of senior category were resourceful and they were very eloquent, they were not mumbling, they were not reading papers. They were advancing strong, forceful and irrefutable arguments to support their views. …

Coming to the Gita and Ramayana chanting, let me tell you before announcing the results that the teams created a good impression: hearing the Gita we felt transported to the valleys of Rishikesh, and hearing the Ramayana we really believed we were in Ayodhya itself. …