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 Welcome to Arunodaya 1997 (English & Hindi) marking the 20th anniversary of the Hinduism Movement which started in Mauritius in 1977 to commemorate the approval of Hinduism as a subject for the Cambridge examinations as a result of my timeless efforts.

The syllabus includes portions of the Vedas, the Gita and other scriptures, the philosophies and rituals as well as important events and personalities tracing the development of Hinduism till modern times.

About 20% of our youths currently study the subject in our schools and the number is rising.

As in previous years, our activities have continued among youths, especially in High Schools, with seminars, essay competitions (English & Hindi), elocution contests (English & Hindi), Gita and Ramayana Chanting contests, as well as residential Camps (Antavas) at my Yoga Centre by the sea with the aim of inculcating Hindu values and the Gurukul spirit in young minds exposed to materialism. A very positive experiment welcomed by students, parents and educationists.

Also included in this edition:

The items prized in our yearly Jnana Yajna, our aims and other activities(scholarship, book project etc.), the best adult essays, appreciations by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education, the Ag. High Com. of India, etc. as well as blessings from Prof R.R. Pandey of Banaras H. University.

We wish you pleasant reading and most heartily welcome any suggestion or inquiry you may have.


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5th July 1998
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