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A writer or a poet is the snake charmer who exposes the picture of the heartbeats from his wonder-box.Premchand

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   Authors` List

Somduth Buckhory

Harynarain Seeta

Suryadeo Seeboruth

Ramdeo Dhoorundhur

Deepchand Beehary

Mukesh Jeebodh

Mahess Ramjeeawon

Birsen Jagasingh

Dhunpal Raj Heeramun

Sita Ramyead

Brijlall Ramdin

Astanand Sadasingh

Abhimanyu Anat

Balwantsing Nobutsing

Dhanraj Sembhoo

Luxmiprasad Ramyead

Indradev Bholah Indranath

Soomatee Sandhoo Boodhun

Prasad Gunputh

Bhanoomatee Nagdan

Kalpana Laljee

Sonalal Nemdhary

Munishwarlal Chintamunee

Vishnuduth Madhoo

Narainputh Dussoye

Pahlad Ramsurrun

Benimadho Ramkhelawon

Vinodbala Arun

Jai Narain Roy

Dharmavir Ghoorah

Thacoorduth Panday

 Kaishwaduth Chintamunnee    

Krishnalal Beehary

Poojanand Nemah

Danishwar Sham

Oudaye Narain Gungoo

Pushpa Bumma

Sita Ramyead

Dob: 3.8.1930

Bonne Terre, Vacoas, Mauritius.Tel: (230) 427-9139

Occupation & interests

TTC.!964. Hindi teacher and life-long all-famous social worker. Interested in reading, writing, theatre, needle-works, handicrafts and children`s  activities in cultural developments.

Hindi literary publications

1.Patthar ke lor

The stony tears. A collection of folktales of Mauritius  including  La roche qui pleure.

Hindi book centre .N-Delhi.1997



2. Bahu andolan

A one-act play entitling the movement of emancipation of daughter in laws published by the mgi, 2001.

Collective publications

1.A new approach to english literature, bk 2. Medialand co. ltd. 1998-2001. Inclusion of  La roche qui pleure with the title  The legend of the wailing rock.

Glimpses of writings

A part from  patthar ke lor, p9

Gorka smiled then sang a song to lure Sanwarki, the black beauty.

A short trip of ten minutes up to Souillac and backway.

Let`s go and wander at Souillac. What`s in a life?

A short trip of ten minutes up to Souillac and backway.

Let`s go and wander there Sawnri, the black beauty.

The black beauty believed his words. Closed back the door of her house and mounted on the horse-back of the fair complexioned. Both went towards Souillac cajoling each other throughout the serpentine road to reach Gris-Gris near the hill called Lilotte. They stepped down the horse. The fair complexioned Gorka put the horse in the shade of a tree and they strolled  along the seaside.

It was summer-time. The Sun was shining harshly. The sea breeze was full of fresh air. Seeing the bluish water they were tempted to enter it. After walking for a while in the shallow water of the shore, they started swimming in the deep sea. Lost in their mutual affection, they were totally unaware of the outside world. 

They had forgotten entirely the oath taken in front of their father and mother.

Other activities or societal life

1.President,Mauritius International Association and Vacoas sanskritik sabha, U.N.E.S. C.O. club.

2.Vice president, Mauritius Alliance of women.

3. Life member, Mauritius Arya Samaj, Port-Louis and Vacoas Sanskritik Sabha.

4.Memberof Hindi Pracharini Sabha, Human Service Trust, Arya Women Welfare Association, Hindi Lekhak Sangh, Hindi Speaking Union and Mauritius Hindi Academy.

5. Manager, Vacoas sanskritik sabha, hindi school.

6.Secretary, Solferino Arya Mahila Samaj.

7.Treasurer,Plaines Wilhems Jeela parishad.

Souvenirs of hindi world


A family picture at Vaghjee Hall above with sister and daughter-in-law below.Indian guests  at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture, Phoenix  are sitting in the open air and below is the audience of a play.


Following the ideals of Swami Dayanand  and Mere Theresa Sita Ramyead is always in the front line of social, religious, cultural and humanitarian movements of the country. Domestic problems together with rape and other form of violence are also among the themes of her open air theatre including scenes from Ramayana specially for the audience of Rodrigues island.


Not only the President of the Republic of Mauritius appreciates her activities but also the Vice Prime Minister of the country comes forward to prize her.

     Prizes and awards are symbols of appreciation and satisfaction of the public first then pat the artist or the author to expect from him or her further works for the fellow countrymen.

Youth-time started the journey of altruism at the residence of Souillac as shown in the picture, to put the hat-on while living at the present address of Vacoas where  many-many  social-workers put their hats-off to salute the success of a life spent for the survival and betterment of a less-recognised folklore.

Other writers of the same interest and inclination

Mukesh Jhummun

Reshmi Ramdhonee

Bhoowaneswar Sonoo

Janardan Callicharan

Shivlall Motee

Chandra Mohan Sorifa

Vinay Seeteejory

Karmavir Sonatan

Ajay Mungra

Rajrani Gobin

 Dayanand Chengi

Jai Jeewooth

Raghoonath Deeal



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