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A writer or a poet is the snake charmer who exposes the picture of the heartbeats from his wonder-box.Premchand

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   Authors` List

Somduth Buckhory

Harynarain Seeta

Suryadeo Seeboruth

Ramdeo Dhoorundhur

Deepchand Beehary

Mukesh Jeebodh

Mahess Ramjeeawon

Dhunpal Raj Heeramun

Sita Ramyead

Brijlall Ramdin

Astanand Sadasingh

Abhimanyu Anat

Balwantsing Nobutsing

Dhanraj Sembhoo

Jairudh Doseea

Indradev Bholah Indranath

Soomatee Sandhoo Boodhun

Prasad Gunputh

Bhanoomatee Nagdan

Sonalal Nemdhary

Munishwarlal Chintamunee

Vishnuduth Madhoo

Narainputh Dussoye

Pahlad Ramsurrun

Benimadho Ramkhelawon

Hiralall Leeladhur

Vinodbala Arun

Jai Narain Roy

Dharmavir Ghoorah

Thacoorduth Panday

 Kaishwaduth Chintamunnee    

Krishnalal Beehary

Poojanand Nemah

Danishwar Sham

Oudaye Narain Gungoo

Pushpa Bumma

Ramdeo Dhoorundur

Dob 11.6.46 / E.Mail: rdhoorundhur@servihoo.com

Caroline , Bel Air, Mauritius.Tel: (230) 419-2747 & 753-7057

Occupation & Interests

Hindi teacher in primary government school and joined mgi in 1978. Maximum of hindi writing to cover the present societal behaviour.

Literary publications









1.Chehron ka aadmi

Man of different faces. Novel on intensions and changing faces of the people.Samanantar Prakashan, Dehli. 1981

2.Choti machli bari machli

Big fish and small fish. Novel on a woman who advents in politics in a complex society like ours. Rajkamal Prakashan.New Delhi. 1983

3.Bante bigarte rishte.

Mending and deteriorating relations. Novel on changing relationship amidst kins, relatives and between man and man. Satsahitya prakashan.1990

4. Vish manthan

Churning of poison.A collection of short stories. Natraj Prakashan, 1995.

5. Poucho is mati se. 

Ask this land. A novel on life-price and  sacrifice of the indian labourers for the survival of their custom and culture.National Publishing House,N. Delhi. 1986

6. Chehre mere tumhare

Faces, mine and yours. First collection of 300 satirical short-stories. Vartika prakashan, N.Delhi. 1998

7.Yatra sath-sath

A journey together. Second collection of 301 satirical short-stories. Hindi book centre. N-Dehli. 1999  

8. Bante bigarte rishte

A soft cover edition or student edition of no. 3 above for the students of s.c. examanation. Satsahitya prakashan, N-Delhi. 2003.

9. Ek dharti ek aakash

One land  one sky. Third collection of 302 satirical short stories. Hindi book centre .N-Delhi. 2004.

10. Kaljugi karam dharam

Religious activities of the final era. Fourth collection of satirical short stories\ published by Vidya Vihar, New Delhi.2005.  



 Miscellanious periodical publications

More than one hundred short stories published in local magazines. Hundreds of satirical writings in local and foreign periodicals. Other works in Dharma-yug, Sarika, Gagan-anchal, Ajkal etc.

Glimpses of writings from publications

Thorny flowers and  flowers` thorns 

 (Part of the story from Kaljugi karam dharam.p67 )

Doctors have begun clinical investigations on Suhasi , the girl who always dislikes flowers. Parents were anxious anyway but on seeing Vijay`s  behaviour doctors tend to believe the lot of incarnation. The thorn  that comes to the mind of Suhasi ,compels her to throw away flowers. The doctors decided to leave the thorn in her mind and they intented to know further consequences of her habit of plucking or destroying flowers.

Diseased ideal 

(Part of a story  from Ek dharti ek akash. p238) 

A boy drowned in the river and was being carried away in the flow. A poet was observing the painful scene from the bridge. At the same moment someone jumped into the water and saved the boy. A whole stanza was created in the mind of the poet who wrote several poems on pain and well-being, hopes and failure, cries and joy, His name and fame was still better known as the poet of pain and sorrows. 

Poucho is mati se 

(A small part of the novel. p254-255).

He was disappointed when Dhanee was called on  duty  at Cyril`s  place, it was this Kanwal who came back from the forest  after spending a whole night there with the decision that he would not accept her physical impurity  as the end of his love. He did not regret at all that he had not maltreated Dhanee so far and if he is still in love with Dhanee, it is because his love was above such a petty selfishness that physical union stands only as the base of marital life. Even today he is not aware how far the relationship between Cyril and her is true. She is in fact a bed-mate or just a maid-servant? 

   Other activities of societal life

Presented more than 300 radio plays and  conducted  literary programs for years at the mbc.radio/TV.


Other writers of the same interest and inclination

Reshmi Ramdonee

Mukesh Jhummun

Bhoowaneswar Sonoo

Janardan Callicharan

Shivlall Motee

Birsen Jagasingh

Chandra Mohan Sorifa

Vinay Seeteejory

Karmavir Sonatan

Ajay Mungra

Rajrani Gobin

 Dayanand Chengi

Kalpana Laljee

Jai Jeewooth

Raghoonath Deeal

Prem Bangalia

Vikash Ramdonee

Suresh Ramburn




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