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A writer or a poet is the snake charmer who exposes the picture of the heartbeats from his wonder-box.Premchand

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   Authors` List

Somduth Buckhory

Harynarain Seeta

Suryadeo Seeboruth

Ramdeo Dhoorundhur

Deepchand Beehary

Mukesh Jeebodh

Mahess Ramjeeawon

Dhunpal Raj Heeramun

Sita Ramyead

Brijlall Ramdin

Astanand Sadasingh

Abhimanyu Anat

Balwantsing Nobutsing

Dhanraj Sembhoo

Jairudh Doseea

Indradev Bholah Indranath

Soomatee Sandhoo Boodhun

Prasad Gunputh

Bhanoomatee Nagdan

Sonalal Nemdhary

Munishwarlal Chintamunee

Vishnuduth Madhoo

Narainputh Dussoye

Pahlad Ramsurrun

Benimadho Ramkhelawon

Hiralall Leeladhur

Vinodbala Arun

Jai Narain Roy

Dharmavir Ghoorah

Thacoorduth Panday

 Kaishwaduth Chintamunnee    

Krishnalal Beehary

Poojanand Nemah

Danishwar Sham

Oudaye Narain Gungoo

Pushpa Bumma

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Hindi language and literature of Mauritius

As hindi assembled words from the provincial languages or dialects  like bhojpuri ,awadhi, maghdhi,bihari, maithili etc, it became the language  of nearly  most of the indian immigrants of the island but as the result of  political curves and societal options, it is now a marginal language  of the country although widely taught in schools by the  government .

In the course of timely development  hindi  is also known as HINDUSTANI to meet a popular acceptance with a combined hindi literature. Today, hindi has crossed the  geographical frontiers and now it is spoken in many countries specially  where indians are settled.

However hindi language and hindi literature of the island is just present looking for a better future in a no-through-road situation. It is now proper to know facts about the hindi speaking people through the pages of hindi literature  and it is also true that hindi authors are struggling hard to survive  in the present condition of tendencies, not to say that they are in danger of existence like birds, animals, plants or other species.

History of hindi literature in Mauritius

The propagation of hindi language started with the coming of Dr Manilall in 1907 as the first missionary and later by the planning of Arya Samaj in 1911 and in 1919 with a force of teaching and propagation of the language. In the mean time Pt. Atmaram Vishwanath came from India for the editorial work started by Arya Samaj. At the same time he wrote in hindi as the pioneer of the language about the then social life and organisations.




The first torch-bearers of hinduism worked under the guidance of Sri. Manilall Doctor

who invited Pt.Atmaram in 1912 from India to continue the editorship of HINDUSTANI, the first hindi paper of Mauritius.

Messrs Sajeewonlal, Khemraj Lallah and Dookhee Gungah are the tripartite torchbearers of hinduism.

The propagation of hinduism safeguarded hindi language which is now fostering a wider range of writings.



Other writers of the same interest and inclination

Reshmi Ramdonee

Mukesh Jhummun

Bhoowaneswar Sonoo

Janardan Callicharan

Shivlall Motee

Birsen Jagasingh

Chandra Mohan Sorifa

Vinay Seeteejory

Karmavir Sonatan

Ajay Mungra

Rajrani Gobin

 Dayanand Chengi

Kalpana Laljee

Jai Jeewooth

Raghoonath Deeal

Prem Bangalia

Vikash Ramdonee

Suresh Ramburn




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