Hindi literature of Mauritius

 and other writings

A writer or a poet is the snake charmer who exposes the picture of the heartbeats from his wonder-box.Premchand

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   Authors` List

Somduth Buckhory

Harynarain Seeta

Suryadeo Seeboruth

Ramdeo Dhoorundhur

Deepchand Beehary

Mukesh Jeebodh

Mahess Ramjeeawon

Dhunpal Raj Heeramun

Sita Ramyead

Brijlall Ramdin

Astanand Sadasingh

Abhimanyu Anat

Balwantsing Nobutsing

Dhanraj Sembhoo

Jairudh Doseea

Indradev Bholah Indranath

Soomatee Sandhoo Boodhun

Prasad Gunputh

Bhanoomatee Nagdan

Sonalal Nemdhary

Munishwarlal Chintamunee

Vishnuduth Madhoo

Narainputh Dussoye

Pahlad Ramsurrun

Benimadho Ramkhelawon

Hiralall Leeladhur

Vinodbala Arun

Jai Narain Roy

Dharmavir Ghoorah

Thacoorduth Panday

 Kaishwaduth Chintamunnee    

Krishnalal Beehary

Poojanand Nemah

Danishwar Sham

Oudaye Narain Gungoo

Pushpa Bumma

Bhanoomatee Nagdan

Dob: 12.7.1933

Ibis Avenue. Sodnac .Quatre Bornes.Mauritius

Tel:(230) 425-5962


Writing, cinema ,music, theatre, politics, travelling and meeting people. Reader of Premchand, Sharat Chandra,Tagore, Guy de Maupassant, Flaubert, Tolstoi, Charlotte sisters etc. Follower of Gandhian principles. Well-known among the hindi lovers for her feminist ideas and bold speech.

Hindi literary publication

1.Minister, a collection  of short stories, first awarded by HPSabha,

the  Mandodri Bhagat Puraskar in 1973 and after the publication  in book-form

it was launched by JNR (Jainarain Roy) on 6th. June 1981.

Vidya prakashan mandir, New Delhi.1981


Miscellaneous periodical publications


Articles and short stories published in Anurag, Vasant, Arya patrika, Janta, Swadesh, Darpan, Pankaj, Indradhanush, Dharmayug, etc.

   Won  several prizes on various  occasions including Hindi Samman ,

special respect for all contributions in the field of hindi 

 by   the generous donor-hands  of President of Mauritius at the mgi.


Famous for all her theatrical works and fearless voice

 as being exposed above in bahu andolan of Sita Ramyead.

She also won the respectful prize from the first visionaries of independence and Mauritianism,

Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo, the first finance minister of the independent country.



Glimpses of hindi writings

(A portion from the short story Ek ghar i.e A home from the book Minister.P84)

If he had told you clearly, you could have bought it, Luxmi ! Today the prices are high. Even the corpse of an elephant is worth Rs.125,000.A portion of land worth Rs. 5,000 has been sold at Rs.75,000.It is a good bargain when one thousand rupees is a dream. Do you possess Rs.75,000 ?Even land is gaining the price of gold. When our ancestors came from hindustan they had the inner confidence that there is gold in the soil of Mauritius. Today the dream seems to be true in a sense. Today it is a fact that there is no gold in the soil but the land itself has got the golden value.

You have reached  the other end of the way. Today the great need of  people like us is merely a shelter. We don`t need a big house or a bungalow. We just want a little roof for ourselves. Where to go with such a request?  Whose door should we knock ?Who will listen to our story? What will happen to us? Where should we go with our olden roots ?

Both of them were lost in their endless problems.

Another portion of writing from the story Khilowna (toys) included in the book Minister.P89

As Life is going on today what can we do for our children? After great difficulty we earn one or two meals . We can neither buy a good car to offer a comfortable ride to our children nor we can travel by aeroplane. It is enough if we can make them enjoy with these toys anyway. They fulfil their desire while playing with them. They learn something even they break them into pieces during their play. Childhood comes once in a lifetime. Let`s ornate their tender age with flowers of love and perfume of our memory which remains for ever in the child`s heart. Life is a toy. Play with it as long as you can. We can`t expect much from death. Life possesses  whatever we wish .Life is worth living as it has every thing to make us happy. Nobody knows when life becomes silent or finished as broken toys .


Other writers of the same interest and inclination

Reshmi Ramdonee

Mukesh Jhummun

Reshmi Ramdhonee

Bhoowaneswar Sonoo

Janardan Callicharan

Shivlall Motee

Birsen Jagasingh

Chandra Mohan Sorifa

Vinay Seeteejory

Karmavir Sonatan

Ajay Mungra

Rajrani Gobin

 Dayanand Chengi

Kalpana Laljee

Jai Jeewooth

Raghoonath Deeal

Prem Bangalia

Vikash Ramdonee

Suresh Ramburn




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