Hindi literature of Mauritius

and other writings

A writer or a poet is the snake charmer who exposes the picture of the heartbeats from his wonder-box.Premchand

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   Authors` List

Somduth Buckhory

Harynarain Seeta

Suryadeo Seeboruth

Ramdeo Dhoorundhur

Deepchand Beehary

Mukesh Jeebodh

Mahess Ramjeeawon

Birsen Jagasingh

Dhunpal Raj Heeramun

Sita Ramyead

Brijlall Ramdin

Astanand Sadasingh

Abhimanyu Anat

Balwantsing Nobutsing

Dhanraj Sembhoo

Luxmiprasad Ramyead

Indradev Bholah Indranath

Soomatee Sandhoo Boodhun

Prasad Gunputh

Bhanoomatee Nagdan

Kalpana Laljee

Sonalal Nemdhary

Munishwarlal Chintamunee

Vishnuduth Madhoo

Narainputh Dussoye

Pahlad Ramsurrun

Benimadho Ramkhelawon

Vinodbala Arun

Jai Narain Roy

Dharmavir Ghoorah

Thacoorduth Panday

 Kaishwaduth Chintamunnee    

Krishnalal Beehary

Poojanand Nemah

Danishwar Sham

Oudaye Narain Gungoo

Pushpa Bumma

Pt. Ramduth Sharma

Out of love for a language he has been the Manager and owner of the Hindi Institution named Vigyan Bhawan found on his own land at Rose Belle. He is no doubt among the hard workers for the survival of Hindi language and literature in the eastern south and south-east of Mauritius. A large number of hindi pupils flocked at his place and he prepared his pupils and worked friendly with the help of a few devoted senior ones in the entire south of the island. He also held a busy Hindi-office full of activities at the school for the benefit of all hindi lovers of the area. More than 200 hindi pupils were to be found at each time daily at the Vigyan Bhawan and each one of them loves hindi and was there for the promotion of the language

Other writers of the same interest and inclination

Mukesh Jhummun

Reshmi Ramdhonee

Bhoowaneswar Sonoo

Janardan Callicharan

Shivlall Motee

Chandra Mohan Sorifa

Vinay Seeteejory

Karmavir Sonatan

Ajay Mungra

Rajrani Gobin

 Dayanand Chengi

Jai Jeewooth

Raghoonath Deeal



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