One of the founding fathers of American journalism, A. J. Leibling, once said that the freedom of the press is limited to those who own one.

Now, thanks to the Internet and the World Wide Web, anybody can own his own press.

Welcome to the personal web site of Khalid Rossan from Mauritius. My hobbies are Writing, Photography, Music, Electronics, Computer and DIY. I maintain this website mostly to display my photos and to write about things that interest me, and to share some information about life in Mauritius.

Beyond the sea
Agalega Island
Rodrigues Island
Study in Pakistan
Visit to India
Visit to Nairobi
Old Photos of Mauritius
Port Louis - Set No 1
Port Louis - Set No 2
Other Places
Spare Time
A Flying Experince
Aviation history in Mauritius
A Muslim Wedding in Mauritius
Events in Mauritius
Amusing Photos
Fun with Mathematics